Patty Burgess

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  • Pothole Archived
    2492-2526 Burgundy Dr Fallston, MD 21047, USA - Fallston
    There are 2 large potholes that need immediate attention. The entire neighborhood needs to be re paved. Please have a crew fix the potholes immediately - clean up the road from all of the black top that has crumbled due to poor workmanship and please let me know when our neighborhood will be repacved.
  • Burgundy Drive Fallston Md - Fallston
    Contractors repaired and paved Cabernet but Burgundy is in need of repair too. Large pothole has caused issues with cars and pedestrians.
    Also- when Cabernet was paved, the new asphalt caused many tire marks on Burgundy. It looks a mess. Can someone please go to that section and inspect. Thank you!
  • 2416-2498 Cabernet Ct Fallston, MD 21047, USA - Fallston
    Hole on side of road
  • 2415 Cabernet Ct Fallston, MD 21047, USA - Fallston
    Cabernet court was recently patched. Now there is a lot of road debris. Cabernet Court is in very bad shape. I have called HCO govt about this but only a "patch" has been completed. Could someone please let me know when we can expect the road to be fixed completely? Thanks for your help