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Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 870
  • Montclair Railroad Trail - US Congressional District KS1
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  • Cherry Street 94118 - US Congressional District KS1
    Two city street lights (old fashioned style) are out on the same block. First is on West side of street near parking garage entrance. Second is on East side of street near ER entrance. Hospital patients, visitors and staff come and go at all hours. Having a dark street limits visibility and risks their safety. Please repair lights ASAP. Thank you.
  • 15 Southwood Ct Oakland, California - Montclair
    There is a large blue couch that appears to have been dumped on the south side of Shepherd Canyon road just a few hundred meters east of Shepherd Canyon Park.
  • Custer KS, Custer, Kansas - US Congressional District KS1
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Paso Robles Drive Oakland, California - Montclair
    Intersection of Paso Robles Drive and Southward Court
    Large pothole in middle of street, just before winding turn. If you try to avoid the pothole going downhill, you cross over into oncoming traffic that is blind to you on the uphill. This makes it quite dangerous. Pothole is large (estimate greater than a foot wide) and fairly deep (estimate 4 inches). It is more of a sinkhole than a pothole and looks as if whatever was below has given way.