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  • 30 S Harrison St Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton
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    30 S Harrison St Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton
    Recycling pick up crew continually spills debris and neglects to pick it up. And sometimes does not collect all recycling.
  • 2-6 Sergeant St Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton
    Tree dropping large dead branches and causing damage to surrounding property and poses serious hazard to pedestrians and motorists. I had contacted arborist in March 2015 after a significantly large branch feel on my car and damaged the cars roof and window frames. After the arborist inspected the tree, she agreed removal of dead limbs or removal of entire tree was necessary. As of yet, the department of public works have not removed any hazardous limbs. I recently emailed Princeton's arborist, Loraine Konopka, a second time but have not received a reply. There are several dead and dying tree limbs that will cause damage to structure, vehicles, and most importantly, people if not removed!