Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 550
  • Sign Problem Archived
    2436 Stonington Rd Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Stop sign is laying on the ground.
  • 2452 Stonington Road Atlanta, Georgia - Dunwoody
    All of the street lights, except one, along the street are not working as of 6am this morning.
  • 2470 Stonington Rd Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Stonington Road was repaved last week. There are 4-6" wide, 3-4" deep holes in the new pavement up and down the street. Long stretches of the edges do not appear to be fully compacted and a fair amount of loose rock, rubble, and debris are in and around the gutters.
  • 4507-4511 Tilly Mill Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Drivers are refusing to stop to allow pedestrians to use the crosswalk when the lights on the crosswalk are activated and pedestrians are waiting to cross during busy periods of the day. Could we get signs installed that say that pedestrians have the right-of-way and that it's the law that drivers must stop? Could we also get some police monitoring of the crosswalk? Thanks.
  • 2399 Stonington Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    At the southeast corner of the intersection of Stonington Rd and E Kings Point Cir there are a couple pot holes forming.
  • 2428 Stonington Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Large chunk of pavement about 1-2 feet in diameter has completely separated from the underlying pavement. It rocks back and forth when stepped on or driven over. It will become a pot hole soon or if dislodged become a pot hole immediately.
  • 2501-2507 Stonington Road Atlanta, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Heading west on Stonington Rd away from Tilly Mill there are a multiple issues with the pavement. First there is a large tree growing close to the right side of the road and the tree's roots are causing a lifting of the pavement. There is substantial cracking in the pavement around the lifting too and is sufficiently large enough that drivers must move over into the left lane to avoid it. Second there is a pothole in the right lane shortly before the stop sign at the intersection with Stonington Cir. Lastly the entire length of Stonington Rd from Tilly Mill Rd to E Kings Point Cir is just generally in very poor condition. It has lots of rough patches from prior roadwork, depressions, bumps, cracking, scaling, potholes, and crumbling edges.
  • 4369-4399 East Kings Point Circle Atlanta, Georgia - Dunwoody
    There are two very large and growing potholes on E Kings Point Circle heading east away from N Peachtree Rd. The first pothole is 5-6 houses down E Kings Point Circle in the right lane. The second pothole on E Kings Point Circle is just before the intersection with Huntington Circle also in the right lane.