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  • Fore And Hancock Street Intersection (East Corner) Portland, Maine - Portland
    Street tree on east side of Hancock at Fore needs to be limbed up. Stop sign is obscured and vehicles have been observed not seeing it and not stopping.
  • Flooding Archived
    315-447 Eastern Promenade Portland, Maine - Portland
    Catch basin on south side of street has been blocked for quite some time and the street floods during rain events. Water level currently has dropped to just above rim elevation.
  • 50 Wall Street Portland, Maine - Portland
    Recycles were collected, but MSW was not for second week. This happened a few weeks ago, too. Bins are placed at driveway on Lexington Avenue (ours is a corner lot). This has happened to other neighbors on Lexington between Wall and 6th Street. City bags are always used.
  • Flooding Archived
    Newbury And India Street Intersectino Portland, Maine - Portland
    All four catch basins at the intersection appeared to be slow and/or clogged (internally), with no drainage able to go into them.