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  • Yard waste Archived
    28702 Alvin Garden City, Michigan - Inkster
    I put out yard waste this week, as the website stated April 1ST to December 15th. They didn't pick up, I called Republic and they stated they do not pick up after December 4th, I had yard waste out last week and they did indeed pick it up. They asked where I found my information, I sent the link that clearly shows the dates as I stated. They are firm on their dates even though there is nothing in print on their website! I am beyond angry with this! This company lacks customer service! I'm taking this to the news channels, we pay for services and are getting shafted because this company does not deliver the service! The city needs to correct the dates on the website. Now I have bags of yard waste to store for winter! Just another fine example of higher taxes for less services great job Garden City!