Rachael Die

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  • 1705 Weiss St Houston, TX 77009, USA - North
    There is a growing pile of debris that at first looked like trash. It looks like a homeless encampment, if not someone is dumping trash on Harris county property by the railroad.
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    4521-4599 Gano St Houston, TX 77009, USA - North
    There is a strong flow of water going into the sewers for the past two days. I don't know if it's a broken fire hydrant or some other source. Corner of gano and frawley. Potentially coming from the new houses being built on that block.
  • Pothole Archived
    1017 W Cavalcade St Houston, TX 77009, USA - Greater Heights
    There is a pothole/raised sewer cover that almost caused me a flat going over. It is on the eastbound side of cavalcade, across the street from the yellow strip center with the Asian market. This pothole is really bad.
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    1201-1299 Frawley St Houston, TX 77009, USA - North
    The floods several weeks ago washed away the top of the black drainage box in the right of way in front of my house at 1224 Frawley. Other tops nearby have the City of Houston name on them so I assume the City maintains these. I need a new top for this as it is collecting trash and is a hole somebody could trip over or hurt themselves by twisting their ankle. If needed, please call me at 832-444-2776.
  • Fire Hydrant Archived
    3703 Telephone Rd Houston, TX 77023, USA - Southeast
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    1216 Frawley St Houston, TX 77009, USA - North
    Trash was not picked up from 1200 block of frawley. None of my entire block was picked up despite every other block being picked up. I called 311 at around 5:30 pm to report trash not picked up. I was told the shift ends around 7.30 and to callback. Still none of my lock has been picked up and it's almost midnight. Frawley between Cochran and gano.
  • 6042-6068 Old Spanish Trail Houston, TX 77023, USA - Southeast