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  • 4400 Beach Dr. Se Saint Petersburg, Florida - Coquina Key Property Owners Association

    The past two days we have been having some strong chemical (epoxy or glue-like odor) coming from our drains periodically. The strongest odor by far has been from the bathroom drains closest to the sewer line out of the house. Just down the street there have been trucks doing what appears to be work on the sewers, so I'm guessing it is related. The smell on occasions has been extremely strong, focused in the downstairs bathroom but permeating the entire bottom floor, and has resulted in irritation to the back of our nasal passages in just a short period of time breathing it.

    What is the material being used, why is the smell coming into my house, and what is the health risk? We at least are out at work/school a good portion of the day, but our dogs are in the house all day long.

    I would like some feedback ASAP as I am concerned about what it is we are being forced to breath in our home right now.

    Thank you.