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  • De Pauls Lane Burlington, Ontario - Burlington

    The machine-vision traffic signal fails to detect my vehicle when I am the only vehicle at the intersection.

    This occurs on DePaul's Ln in the left turn lane, waiting to turn onto southbound Brant Street.

    I drive a black Mazda 3. Failed detection only during early morning, sunrise/dawn hours, maybe between 0630 to 0800. I seem to sit indefinitely until a second vehicle pulls up, or until I get out and push the pedestrian button.

    The specific camera that is failing to detect me does seem to point toward the sunrise. At all other times of day and night the signal cycles normally even when my vehicle is the only one there.

    Recent specific example today - Wed Jul 11 2018 from 0720 to 0725 when I got out and pressed the pedestrian button.

    Thank you very sincerely for your time!

  • 654-656 Appleby Line Burlington, Ontario - Burlington
    The pushbutton on the west side of the trail crossing intermittently fails to activate. Sometimes it activates, sometimes it appears dead and there is no way to know if the signal will change. People are running out to the median in order to activate the pushbutton there. It makes the crossing very dangerous, especially during rush hour - for this reason please give this priority.