Montezuma Rd. @ Diplomat Apts.

Rank: Street Smart Civic Points: 85
  • 6621 Montezuma Rd. San Diego, California - College Area
    Extremely dangerous area near SDSU campus. Heavily inhabitated with students, young people are constantly crossing Montezuma Rd. at Resevoir Dr. to go to their parked cars, go to Ralphs or to the MTS Trolley stop. Cars go through this cross street at recklace speeds trying to beat the red light and end up hitting at least one of our community's residence, one person a month. Today, 12/17/15, a student on a vespa was flung 75 feet in the air when trying to exit the Diplomat Apartments and hit by a speeding car. We need the speed limit reduced here to 25 MPH with radar enforcement, video taping for tickets, a crossing-guard or SOMETHING and definitely more police patrol!