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  • Stuart Ave & Ripley Ave Richmond, Virginia - Three Chopt
    There are many cars everyday that use Ripley Avenue as a cut through from Patterson Avenue to Three Chopt Road to avoid having to wait at the red light at Patterson and Three Chopt. Also, There is also only one speed limit sign, just in from Patterson on Ripley, that states the speed limit is 25 MPH. To bypass the light at Three Chopt, many people headed westbound on Patterson will make a left to go southbound on Ripley Ave and accelerate through a school zone (there is a Hebrew Yeshiva School there at Patterson and Ripley) then drive well over the 25 MPH speed limit down the hill because there are no stop signs at the Kensington or Stuart intersections. Since it is a residential neighborhood there should be 4 way stop signs at each of the intersections and speed limit signs on each block. In fact there was an accident last Wednesday, the 9th of December, involving two cars at the Kensington and Ripley intersection, it is only a matter of time before it happens again.