Angela Solis

Rank: Digital Superhero Civic Points: 1,785
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1845 Forest Oaks Dr Houston, TX 77017, USA - Pasadena
    on Forest Oaks between Allendale-Howard, 77017 TRAVELING SOUTH.
  • Other DEAD ANIMAL Acknowledged
    9314 Cullen Blvd Houston, TX 77033, USA - Southeast
    dead ANIMAL- grey dog in bound lane TRAVELING west at 5000 Reed Rd., 77051
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Reed Rd @ Crestmont St Houston, TX 77033, USA - Southeast
    asphalt sunken & cracked in the out bound lane near metro bus stop on Reed streets before stop sign at traveling east towards Crestmont.
  • 5900 Vasser 77033, Houston, TX - Southeast
    Tires stacked on curb/street, r-o-w, sidewalk
  • Other Acknowledged
    3823 Landa Ln Houston, TX 77023, USA - Southeast
    Lid on black garbage can was broken off by SWD Driver along with the green recycling can the lid is also broken off on side & cracked & will soon be completely broken. Unable to add additional photos.
  • Other Archived
    5901-5973 Vasser Rd Houston, TX 77033, USA - Southeast
    Continuous illegal dumping on The 5900 Vasser.
  • 5000-5332 Vasser Rd Houston, TX 77033, USA - Southeast
    Illegal dumping of junk waste & tires along curb, sidewalk, ditch & r-o-w easement traveling west and east of 5900-6100 Vassar from Mykawa to Crestmont.
  • 4650-4698 Knoxville Street Houston, Texas - Southeast
  • 8023 Belgard Street Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Large tree limb broken & hanging into street along with junk waste all in dead end area
  • 8015-8099 Belbay Street Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Tree waste on curb
  • 9500-9530 Farm To Market Road 865 Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Vacant lot with high weeds right of Dollar General Store with senior apartments at the corner sidewalk along & walking path cuts through to access shopping strip & fast food & post office
  • 4722 Reed - Southeast
    Unsecured open property
  • 6101-6125 Vasser Road Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Tree waste in ditch traveling west not Vasser before S. Wayside intersection
  • 6154-6198 Bellfort Avenue Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Junk waste dumped on media of Bellfort traveling east before Mykawa intersection
  • Other Archived
    5900 Vasser - Southeast
    Several illegal dumping between the curb & sidewalk of junk waste, tree waste & tires from Beldart-Crestmont near Madding Elm. where children access the sidewalk.
  • Other Archived
    3823 Landa Ln. - Southeast
    Missed Heavy Trash collection was not collected today on our HT day nor WA it collected last month ours and neighbors as well.
  • Pothole Archived
    6787-6817 Airport Boulevard Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Traveling west in outbound lane
  • Pothole Archived
    6713 Airport Boulevard Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Pothole & broken concrete in outbound lane
  • 5567-5599 Airport Boulevard Houston, Texas - Southeast
    6 tires dumped on median on Airport @ Anna Held.
  • Pothole Archived
    4733-4799 Airport Boulevard Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Pothole in inbound lane traveling west before the Cullen intersection.