Barbara on Canon

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 365
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    4083-4099 Canon Avenue Oakland, California - Oakmore
    Large trash dump on bend of Canon almost to Dimond Park parking lot. Possible dump from a theft.
  • Pothole Archived
    4083-4099 Canon Avenue Oakland, California - Glenview
    Big pothole - almost like a sinkhole - across from Dimond Park on Canon right after turning the corner from Wellington. Deep enough to do damage to cars or bikes who don't see it. We're aware Oakland doesn't have much in its budget for potholes but this one is potentially dangerous.
  • Dimond Canyon Trail Oakland, California - Glenview
    Pool of muddy water growing larger daily at entrance to Sausal Creek Trail right off El Centro across the street from Dimond Park. Doesn't smell bad so not likely sewer but can't see where it's coming from. Mud pool is about 6 - 8 ft across at this point and covers the width of the trail.