• 1221 S 8th St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Passyunk Square

    The house at 1221 S 8th St has a hose bib on its front wall that leaks. All the time. All over the sidewalk.

    In the winter, the sidewalk freezes, creating an ice hazard on the sidewalk.

    In the summer, the water festers and stinks.

    All year round, this property just wastes water. All they need to do is turn a dang shutoff in the basement.

  • 1530 South St Philadelphia, PA - City Center West

    Thank you for cleaning up on the West side of the Royal Theater and the adjacent buildings.

    Now the wood fence on empty lot on *East* side of the Royal Theater was tagged.

  • 3rd And Washington Philadelphia, PA - Queen Village

    Looks like an automobile collided with a tree on the Southeast corner of 3rd and Washington.

    The tree is about 30 degrees off from vertical, and has a large swath of bark scraped off from where, presumably, it was run into by an auto.

    Maybe the driver was confused due to the missing stop sign.

  • Front And Washington Philadelphia, PA - Riverfront

    Sandy has downed a tree at Front and Washington.

    It's blocking the sidewalk completely, and taking up about half the parking lane.

  • 17-39 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Riverfront

    Turning right onto Columbus Blvd from Washington Ave, there's a right-hand cutout just before the intersection.

    Something about the timing of the lights, the shallow angle of the cutout compared to the road, or just the width of Washington Ave, seems to encourage cars to speed through this cutout at dangerous speeds.

    There's a pedestrian crosswalk across this intersection, but I have personally been nearly run over several times while walking or jogging.

    This is a vital access point for the Delaware River Trail and Washington Avenue Green. If the city is serious about walkability and greening up its waterfronts, then they need to rethink this whole intersection.

    Until that happens, I'd be happy with one of those yellow pedestrian/crosswalk warning signs, or better a yield to pedestrian sign at this crosswalk.

  • 1530-34 South St Philadelphia, PA - City Center West

    White sedan, plate number MG-2909E has been idling in front of the Royal Theater for at least an hour -- since I got to work at 9AM this morning.

    Looks like the dude in the car is just fiddling on his mobile.

  • 11th And Wharton Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    The south-facing traffic light on the Northeast corner at 11th and Wharton appears to have been smashed, presumably by a large truck or tractor trailer. The light is no longer facing traffic and needs to be repaired and redirected.

    Since 11th Street is so wide at this intersection - over 60 ft - , the other south-facing traffic light is not immediately apparent about 80 feet away on the other side of the street.

    Especially because of the limited visibility around the blind turn approaching this intersection from Reed, this creates a dangerous situation.

  • 1400 Block Of Beulah St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    About mid-block on the 1400 block of Beulah St, there's a terrible ammonia stench of cat urine emanating from one of the houses on the block. I'm not sure exactly which one.
  • Washington Ave & 3rd St Philadelphia, PA - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen

    On the Northeast corner of Jefferson Square, there's a crosswalk and a white stop-bar on the street, but no stop sign.

    This is a weird intersection where Washington ave splits into two. There is a traffic light about 40 feet further north at 3rd and Washington, but no stop sign at this corner further south.

    The situation is especially dangerous because the large building between Washington and Ellsworth blocks all visibility as cars, cyclists, and pedestrians approach from the East. Further, this intersection is right next to a park and not far from a school.

    Without a stop sign, cars speed through this intersection, especially on a green light.

  • Belmont Ave Between Edgely Rd And Belmon Mansion Dr Philadelphia, PA - Wynnefield

    Another hazard along the East side of Belmont Ave pedestrian path. Last summer it was kudzu and briar patches taking over the path. This summer a tree limb has fallen and is blocking the sidewalk completely.

    This is a very busy, and fast intersection, and this right near one of the few pedestrian crosswalks along Belmont Ave. I'm sure no motorists want to see pedestrians or cyclists walking out onto the street in order to get past, just as I'm sure none of them wants to walk on Belmont Ave.

  • Belmont & Avenue Of The Republic Philadelphia, PA - Wynnefield

    This must be on some Streets engineer's radar already, but I thought I'd report it formally.

    The sidewalk that runs along Ave of the Republic is literally turning into a creek. About 40 feet of the sidewalk extending East/SE from Belmont Ave are covered in a constant trickle of water, varying from about 10 inches wide to 3 feet wide. The crosswalk on the Northeast corner is becoming impassible due to mud and debris collecting on the intersection. The stream was off and on last summer, but it's been constant since spring this year.

    There has previously been some attempt at remediation, but needless to say further work is necessary.

    This is causing an especially hazardous interaction between cyclists or pedestrians traveling West on Ave of the Republic, and turning North from Ave of the Republic onto Belmont. Since the sidewalk is unusable, the only way around it is to walk out onto Belmont ave, continue about 20 feet, and jump over the ditch back onto the sidewalk. Cars drive at speeds up to 50 MPH along Belmont, and there's no shoulder at this intersection. This is an accident waiting to happen.

  • Graffiti 已存档
    815 Dickinson St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    Graffiti on brown brick wall on north west side of s Franklin, at intersection of Reed is a recurring issue. Please repaint quickly, as when this lingers it encourages more graffiti on our tiny block.
  • 1524-34 South St Philadelphia, PA - City Center West

    The Royal Theatre at 1524-34 South St has no windows and all its doors are boarded up with plywood. It has been this way for approximately 10 (ten) years.

    There are also a couple of expired work permits posted.

    This building is a blight and eyesore on an otherwise thriving corridor of South Street West.

    If we can't force Universal to do anything with their empty lots, maybe we can force their hand on the Royal.

  • 8th And Manton Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    On the southeast corner of 8th and Manton, a condemned house was recently demolished. Woohoo!

    But now, the dirt lot is being used for parking. Boo! This is not only creating a mess -- mud and dirt all over the street and sidewalk -- but also creating a hazard to pedestrians and an eyesore to neighbors.

    I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure there is a permitting process that has to happen to turn a zoned residential property into a parking lot.

    Further, I think there are some regulations about keeping empty lots fenced off.

    So, this is a ZBA issue, an L&I issue, and a PPA issue.

    I know I know, parking in South Philly, enforcement, blah blah blah. At least it's on record now.

  • 1116 Bainbridge Philadelphia, PA - Wharton-Hawthorne-Bella Vista

    The two or three new townhouses that have gone up on this block have ripped up the street to provide water. Fine.

    However, the construction is now complete and they never filled the giant pothole in the street.

    This particular case is treacherous, and the widespread lack of enforcement is frankly unacceptable. This problem is prevalent all across the city, especially for new construction. What does it take to get contractors to clean up after themselves?

  • Phila.Gov Philadelphia, PA - City Center West

    City Council listing on doesn't reflect the new city council:

  • 720-30 Reed St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    According to OPA Fitness Works address is 720-30 Reed St, but according to Fitness Works their address is 714 Reed St.

    Regardless, the graffiti is on West-facing wall, the Franklin St side of the building.

    There are no less than 3 graffiti tags on the Franklin St side of the building.

    Tags on grey painted stucco, and tags on a grey metal door.

    Service request submitted to 311 / Neighborhood Services -- #2009173 -- December 2, 2011. Posting here to track status.

  • 828 Reed St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    On the West side of the house at 828 Reed St, on the wall abutting the PPA parking lot on the corner of 9th and Reed, there are some graffiti tags.

    It's a grey stucco wall.

  • 1425 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    I was excited when the old cabinet maker's shop was purchased in 2007. I heard it was going to be converted to a single-family home, and the permits and construction that started shortly thereafter confirmed as much.

    Fast forward to November, 2011, and the permitted-work has not been completed on the property. Once or twice a year, some contractor or another is coming out and making some banging noise, but no visible progress is made.

    Certainly the original work permits have expired by now, but the facade still sports plywood. The rear door on S Franklin St is boarded up in violation of L&I's "doors and windows" regulations, and new sheathing that was installed several years ago is still exposed.

    I hesitated to file a complaint for a couple years, but going on 4 years is just getting ridiculous.

  • 1427-31 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    The property fronting on 1427-31 S 8th St has a boarded-up entrance on the Northern half of the 1400 block of S Franklin St, in violation of L&I's "doors and windows" code.

    This half-block of S Franklin dead-ends into the rear of this building, which is in disrepair.