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Joe Seconder

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  • 3816-3830 Ashford Dunwoody Rd Ne Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    Debris in bike lane in both directions. Please clean & restripe and mark per
    MUTCD these as bike lanes
  • Pavement Problem Acknowledged
    1925-1953 Mt Vernon Rd Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Move drainage on street approximately 20 feet east from current direction to the low spot in the westbound / south side of Mt. Vernon. Directly adjacent to Vernon Oaks Drive. The water pools up and does not drain. More evident now as the bike lane that was installed in 2016 is now completely flooded. With the flooding, it causes a very dangerous condition for persons on bicycles, whereby to avoid this hazard they now must travel outside of the bike lane, into the motor vehicle lane.
  • 1600 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Bike Lanes from Sandy Springs city limits to new 2016 ending at Vernon Oaks need to have MUTCD bike lane signs installed. They are installed on Roberts, North Peachtree, North Shallowford, Perimeter Center East, etc. Most motorists do not know this is a bike lane. Since the bike lane has been extended, there are more people using it. This is a safety issue. A person on a bicycle could easily be hit and injured. Motorists need this additional treatment to be informed the area is reserved for people on bicycles. Please take this as a high-priority task that can prevent injuries, or even save a life.
  • 2217 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Can you please install a Share the road sign to help wiht the safety of persons on bicycles at this location in the eastbound direction? It is a VERY DANGEROUS segment of Mt. Vernon. There is no paved shoulder, it is on a slight hill with high traffic volume. There is a Share the Road sign in the westbound direction near Oxford Chase Way that was installed several years ago. However, in the eastbound direction for a mile in either way, there are no share the road signs. If you can also pain SHARROWS along this segment (from Meadowlake Drive to Jett Ferry), that would also greatly add to safety. I understand that Mt. Vernon is on the Comprehensive Transportation Plan as identified for bicycle facilities. When the road will be repaved, I hope it will mirror the Complete Street project presently ongoing on Chamblee Dunwoody south of Womack. But that could be a few years away. I sincerely appreciate this low-cost and quick fix to help increase safety of persons traveling on bicycles.
  • Other Archived
    6632 Glenridge Drive Sandy Springs, Georgia - Sandy Springs
    Please either reopen this ticket that has been archived, or provide photos and upload of the newly installed drain grates confirming the insident has been fixed. Original ticket here: https://seeclickfix.com/issues/2427072
  • Other Archived
    6632-6740 Glenridge Dr Sandy Springs GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs

    Wrong way drain grates. Per GA Code, drain grates cannot be parallel to the direction of travel. Persons on bicycle can easily ride into them. The tires will become stuck, and can cause an accident resulting in serious injury or death.

    5/20/16 update: The ticket has been archived by Sandy Springs and apparently I cannot reopen it. Has this been fixed? If yes, can you please upload and post photos?

  • 24-28 Perimeter Center E Dunwoody, GA 30346, USA - Dunwoody
    On Perimeter Center East Extension, at intersection with Perimeter Center East, directly across from driveway / curbcut to Dunwoody City Hall parking lot. Change street markings to allow to drive straight through intersection. Presently can only make a left or right-hand turn as marked. A vehicle can get ticketed if they wish to drive straight across to city hall.
  • 5204 Meadowlake Dr Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Three potholes start at Meadowlake and go to the west. Very dangerous for persons on bicycles attempting to move out of the potholes and gravel debris.
  • 5367-5385 Roberts Dr Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Roberts Drive - Bike Lanes need Restriping. Cannot see the white line separating the bike lane from the motor vehicle lane.
  • 1381-1425 Mt Vernon Rd Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Sign code violations on Mt. Vernon from Chamblee - Dwy to Ash-Dwy. Commercial advertisement ongoing
  • Other Archived
    1449 Dunwoody Village Pkwy Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Water leaking out from underneath landscape strip along Dwy Village Parkway
  • 4770 Georgia Way S Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Bird house post it bent & falling down. On the Hill behind community garden.
  • 4597 North Shallowford Rd Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody

    This is where the Dunwoody Trailway will cross, connecting Brook Run to Chamblee-Dunwoody. The trail is expected to be open and completed within the next 60 days. PRIOR to it's opening, we must create a safer way for people to cross. How will persons traveling on the trail cross the intersection? As a default, will they have to cross twice? From west to east for example, they would: 1) Push the ped crossing signal; 2) Cross North Shallowford; 3) Stop & push the signal to cross Lake Ridge Lane. 4) When activated, cross onto the trail.

    There are many inherent dangers with this “default” / “as is” design once the trail is open. As more & more casual persons use this facility, the greater the risk of these persons being in a crash with a car making right or left hand-turns. Or going through a red.

    Starting with the adage, “I am not an engineer”, I would like to suggest consideration of the following:

    1. Exclusive Pedestrian Phase
    Provides a separate phase of the traffic signal where all vehicle lights turn to red and the “white walking man” comes on allowing pedestrians to cross the street without vehicle traffic movement.
    2. Pedestrian Scramble
    Scramble: “X” Crossing markings indicating pedestrians may walk diagonally across the intersection during exclusive pedestrian crossing phase
    3. No Turn on Red
    Too many motorists roll through red lights when making right-hand turns.

    4. Shorter cycle length

    5. Automatic sensors built into the trail approach to trip the signal to pedestrian crossing

    6. Additional lighting

    7. Traffic calming on North Shallowford
    a. If no Pedestrian Scramble, then Pedestrian Crossing island built of concrete on the north side of the intersection.
    b. Curb bulb outs
    c. Raised intersection
    8. Additional Signage such as State Law / Stop for Pedestrians

  • 4249 Dunwoody Club Dr Atlanta, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    The two street lights at the 4-way stop that were installed a couple of years ago are burnt out. The one that is directed towards Dunwoody Club Drive toggles off & on intermittently. The one towards Jett Ferry is completely burnt out.
  • 5295 Roberts Dr Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Lane markings & symbols are just about all faded away. Please re-stripe the bike lane in both directions along the entire segment of Roberts Drive from Chamblee-Dunwoody north to the city limits. Please also re-paint with thermoplastic bike lane symbols.
  • 1940 Peeler Rd Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Please clean the debris in the bike lane along this segment of Peeler. Thanks
  • 2498-2520 Jett Ferry Road Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Overgrown shrubs taking over sidewalk and public right of way. Need to be trimmed back by at least 2 feet
  • 1426 Dunwoody Village Pkwy Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Please clean the bike lanes on Dunwoody Village Parkway. There are several places with gravel and other road debris along both directions. Thanks!
  • 2495 Jett Ferry Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody

    I just witnessed a car with Florida license plates completely BLOW THROUGH the 4-way stop sign at Jett Ferry & Dunwoody Club Drive. He was on Dunwoody Club Drive headed west. I had just approached the intersection on Jett Ferry headed north. Had I gotten there 10-20 seconds earlier, it is quite possible the car would have hit me on the passenger side; with my wife sitting there.

    Are there any plans on improving the safety of this intersection? (We don’t need a traffic light. That will simply cause more traffic to be backed up during non-rush hour times.)

    We regularly have collisions at this intersection. My wife & I regularly walk across this intersection going to the shops. Even with the crosswalk painted white lines, it still does not feel safe & inviting for a person to be there & walk across the intersection on foot.

    Here are some suggestions:

    • Very quickly & cheaply, paint on the pavement well-in-advance of the intersection in all directions: “Stop Ahead”
    • Add “Stop Ahead” signs
    • Get a flashing red light installed – Just like there is at Dunwoody Club Drive & Ball Mill
    • Install a splitter island installed on Dunwoody Club drive on the east side of the intersection where there are pedestrians which cross
    • Rumble strips ahead of the intersection
    • Raised Pedestrian Crossings
    • Slowing the speed limit down from 35 to 25 mph:
    a) On Jet Ferry from Mt. Vernon to Dunwoody Club Drive. This is a pedestrian-intense segment with an unsafe number of curbcuts that would have never been approved today (ask Sandy Springs to continue it to several hundred feet prior to the intersection)
    b) On Dunwoody Club Drive starting from Mt Vernon (to the east) to several hundred feet west of the intersection
    • Install mid-block pedestrian crossing islands (act as traffic calming. “Inform” motor vehicle drivers there are persons on foot in this area.)
    a) Jett Ferry halfway between Mt. Vernon & Dunwoody Club
    b) Dunwoody Club halfway between Jett Ferry & Mt. Vernon

    FHWA Reference on Unsignalized Intersections: http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/intersection/unsignalized/presentations/unsig_pps_041409/long.cfm

  • Mount Vernon Shopping Center 2415-2463 Jett Ferry Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Surface soil runoff draining directly into street & into stormwater drain on the west side of Jett Ferry. Need remediation via planting grass, etc. Directly in front of Nell's Produce stand