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Please review the information on the Atlanta Coyote Project website. They also have a place to report and log sightings.
Looking northbound on the corner of Aurora Ct. on June 9, 2017
Is there an ETA on when these bike lane stripings will be re-painted? Been going on for almost THREE years now. Thanks
Looking westerly.
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Issue Reopened
Have you adjusted the sensors to trigger when a person is on a bicycle?
Unfortunately, the proper engineering design that was recommended by expert traffic engineers to increase safety for persons on foot and for traffic calming was rejected by our city council. They designed a pedestrian safety crossing island on Mt. Vernon and Forest Springs. Had this facility been constructed, signage to "reinforce" driver behavior would have not been needed. Are cars seen regularly obeying the 25 MPH limit during the posted hours? Do cars immediately stop when they see a person on foot approach the crosswalk?
See video from person on bicycle riding westbound in the bike lane, west of Ashford Dunwoody. Note the car weaving into the bike lane:
See ticket 732418 reported on 9-7-2013 asking for bike lane signs on Mt. Vernon that was closed with the statement, " The pavement markings are acceptable to designate the bike lane. Bike lane signage is optional."
Unbelievable that a driver knocked that off, especially since it's on a raised concrete crossing island! The car must have gotten damaged. Does the city need to consider adding reflective markings around the border and both sides of the approach as a "signal" to drivers that they are approaching the crossing?

I also reported this issue on 8/4/2015, reference here:
I just witnessed a car with Florida license plates completely BLOW THROUGH the 4-way stop sign at Jett Ferry & Dunwoody Club Drive. He was on Dunwoody Club Drive headed west. I had just approached the intersection on Jett Ferry headed north. Had I gotten there 10-20 seconds earlier, it is quite possible the car would have hit me on the passenger side; with my wife sitting there.

Are there any plans on improving the safety of this intersection? (We don’t need a traffic light. That will simply cause more traffic to be backed up during non-rush hour times.)

We regularly have collisions at this intersection. My wife & I regularly walk across this intersection going to the shops. Even with the crosswalk painted white lines, it still does not feel safe & inviting for a person to be there & walk across the intersection on foot.

Here are some suggestions:

• Very quickly & cheaply, paint on the pavement well-in-advance of the intersection in all directions: “Stop Ahead”
• Add “Stop Ahead” signs
• Get a flashing red light installed – Just like there is at Dunwoody Club Drive & Ball Mill
• Install a splitter island installed on Dunwoody Club drive on the east side of the intersection where there are pedestrians which cross
• Rumble strips ahead of the intersection
• Raised Pedestrian Crossings
• Slowing the speed limit down from 35 to 25 mph:
a) On Jet Ferry from Mt. Vernon to Dunwoody Club Drive. This is a pedestrian-intense segment with an unsafe number of curbcuts that would have never been approved today (ask Sandy Springs to continue it to several hundred feet prior to the intersection)
b) On Dunwoody Club Drive starting from Mt Vernon (to the east) to several hundred feet west of the intersection
• Install mid-block pedestrian crossing islands (act as traffic calming. “Inform” motor vehicle drivers there are persons on foot in this area.)
a) Jett Ferry halfway between Mt. Vernon & Dunwoody Club
b) Dunwoody Club halfway between Jett Ferry & Mt. Vernon

FHWA Reference on Unsignalized Intersections:

Checking in once more. Do we have a scheduled date when this repainting will be performed? (Also on North Peachtree)? Thanks
For clarification, the potholes are on Mt. Vernon, in the eastbound lane just before & at the corner of Meadowlake. The ticket was opened on April 10th. Any general time frame with you think it may be worked? Thanks.
Issue Reopened
Drain grate has not been fixed. Please keep open until fixed.
Friday, 4/29 at 9:00 am. Drain grate has not been modified or fixed. Please reopen ticket.
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Issue Reopened
Can we pretty "p-l-e-a-s-e" put in a curb ramp at the very back??? Please??? Lots of road cyclists and persons that simply want to commute in a straight point-to-point route between Brook Run and Pernoshal Park will ride on the back road of Brook Run to the dead end where the trail runs alongside it. Then, what I end up doing is having to come to a complete stop, get off my bicycle, walk and step up over the curb and onto the trail. Then I can get back on my bike and ride. I'd think cost of materials & labor for a short ramp has to be very, very inexpensive. A few hundred bucks at best. See attached photo example.
I just did a Google Street View of 1797 Mt Vernon Rd. Went back to 2011. There was no curb then, either. The pavement ended at the edge of the cement. And there was no sidewalk at all on the southside of the street. So people couldn't walk on that side. See the attached photo. The sidewalks were just installed over the past few months. So now people can walk on the south side of the street. There is also a landscape buffer between the end of the cement edging and the newly-installed sidewalks. In addition, the city will be re-striping the pavement and adding a 4-ft bike lane, acting as a paved shoulder and providing 5-6 feet between the edge of the sidewalk and motor vehicles.
Thank You
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Do we have a scheduled date when this repainting will be performed? (Also on North Peachtree)? Thanks