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  • 3815 Mercer Univ.Dr macon, Georgia - Macon
    I work @ Macon Bed and Mattress, and the manhole out front of our store and slightly towards the mall is recessed and sunk down below the surface of the road so badly, that every single truck and trailer that hits it is like they hit a curb!! It is a curb! Iv'e been meaning to turn this in, I noticed spray paint around it in a square the other day, perhaps it is being fixed? It always startles customers though because it sounds like a fender bender every time! People loose glass goods that fall off trailers and break everywhere. Manhole ring needs to have an extra 1.5 - 3 inch metal ring welded on top of existing ring in the early a.m. hours please.
  • 4722 High Oak Drive Macon, GA - Riley County
    I took a mattress on delivery and saw a gutter drain lid that was missing. I'm pretty sure it was the one out in front of 4722 High Oak Dr. I'm afraid a kid may fall down there
  • 2428 Kingsley Place Macon, Georgia - Macon
    We need our Kingsley Place sign installed again please. I think some work trucks when the power was out and everything was black went by and tore it off. The sign is gone but the post is still there. It also makes it look like there is no drive there, and cars come through very fast. I posted in appropriate sign section for a blind drive sign as well. Thank you
  • 2428 Kingsley Place Macon Georgia - Macon
    I live at the bottom of Kingsley Place, so when I go up my drive and look to the left, that's where the Corbin Ave. and Kingsley Drive intersection is. Nobody can see cars turning off my road after they zip through that intersection. So, if I'm trying to make it to work, and there is 5 cars in a row coming through that intersection, I almost get hit 5 times trying to pull out. Please install a Blind Drive sign immediately after the intersection and before Kingsley Place, so that cars coming up Corbin Ave off Riverside can see it, and so that cars turning off Kingsley Drive can see it as well. I have 855 Civic points please help with sign, Thank you
  • 3815 Mercer University Drive Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Can we have a blue garbage can style recycling container? The big ones on 2 wheels with the hinged lid for our store at Macon Bed and Mattress.
  • 3815 Mercer University Drive Macon, Georgia - Macon
    We have a large drain behind our store here at Macon bed and Mattress. The grate is very heavy and there are many branches and other debris blocking the rain water that causes our entire parking lot to flood out.
  • 2428 Kingsley Place Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Please send someone to bring more gravel and scrape our road again please. This is Kingsley Place. It is washed out bad and has made river beds.
  • 2428 Kingsley Place Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Hi my name is Jason & am a regular here. This site is great. I do have a urging matter to report though. Behind my house, stands an old wood pecker drilled infested power pole about 70 ft. tall and towers above my bedroom around 20+ ft. You can literally take one hand and just lightly push on it standing on ground, and the whole things sways and moves! My fear is one of these big storms knocks the top of it onto my head! The pole has no electric wires and is serving no purpose. Please send someone to top it off to at least around 8 ft. then I could turn it into a bird house stand or something. Thanks!!
  • 860 Lee Road Macon, Georgia - Macon
    I work for a lady who lives at 860 Lee rd. She watches car fly through her area and she would like a caution sign and/or speed bump installed
  • Corner Of Riverside Drive And Lee Road - Macon
    There is a busted water pipe on the side of Firestone Complete Auto Care, on the corner of Riverside Dr and Lee Rd. It is causing standing/stagnant water all in front of 680 Lee rd.////THANKS
  • 2428 Kingsley Place Macon, Georgia - Macon
    We need our Street sign re-installed - it's a little gravel drive right before the Corbin Ave and Kingsley Drive intersection. I placed a request regarding this towards the start of the year or longer ago and it said that you noted my concern and were working on it. I am waiting on a couple of important parcels and I'm concerned a new driver may deliver my parcel to a wrong address out of desperation. This has actually happened before. I was lucky and the guy called me. Again, please bring a new green street sign for Kingsley PLACE. Please sink it good, my concern is also this will be a popular sign for kids to take. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If I don't see a new sign I'll go down to Public Works and talk to Mrs. Belinda thanks
  • 2428 Kingsley Place Macon GA - Macon
    Our street sign is gone! Kingsley Drive right before corbin/kingsley dr intersection. I think neighborhood kids took it - please sink in cement with new pole.
  • 2428 Kingsley Place Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Okay I put that the lot is not over grown, although there are just a few Wisteria vines growing around area I would like cleaned. It is located in the back lot behind my 2 story house at the bottom of Kingsley Place. There is remnants of ruble and old brick walls in the wisteria located in the green way between my yard and the neighbors yard. I would haul it myself to the landfill on my trailer but the old chunks of wall look to weigh in excess of 300 lbs. A tractor with a bucket on the front should be able to make easy work of this ruble. Thanks
  • 2428 Kingsley Place Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Please bring a 65 gallon recycling drum to the 2 story white house at the end of Kingsley Place
  • 2428 Kingsley Place Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Please bring some more 5 & 7 Crush and Run for the wash out on Kingsley Place