Alden Soohoo

  • 1070 Broadway Burlingame, California - Burlingame

    Dear Mr. Wong:

    Issue #1 - If proceding WB on Broadway with the intent to turn left onto California, one must legally wait for the left turn signal at California to turn green in order to procede past the limit line at Broadway and Carolan. If the left turn lane (which accomodates about 3 cars) is full, the car making the left turn is holding up a large amount of traffic that wishes to procede straight WB continuing on Broadway. This situation is creating a lot of road rage and upset people.

    Issue #2 - many cars are disregarding the right (of the 2) left turn lanes at Broadway and Carolan. They are proceding straight in that lane to the left turn lane of California. Signage should clarify that the two left turn lanes are on to Carolan only or you should make that right left turn lane able to procede straight as well as left onto Carolan.

    Issue #3 - There should be more police enforcement than what is out there now. I travel through that area often enough and never see any police presence. Especially around commuter hours. There should perhaps be someone directing traffic. Timing of the signals I realize is complicated and needs to be in sync with the train schedule but I go through this area at various times throughout the day, and I believe it can be done better; especially regarding the left turn signal onto California. As things stand now, during evening commute hours, a green signal at WB Broadway and Carolan would only allow 3-4 cars to fill up the left turn lane then WB traffic would be gridlocked, horns would be blaring and much road rage would (and is) ensuing.

    Please fix this!