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  • Mini Drive And Stanford Drive Vallejo, CA - Vallejo
    Here we go again with my monthly report of garbage being dumped in the street and sidewalk that is unusable due to trash on it. There's a tire in the street as well as stuffed toys.
  • Mini Drive And Stanford Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    There's trash all over this field. Someone has just dumped and refrigerator, drywall, mattress, an air conditioner.... among other trash. The weeds are so tall it is a fire Hazzard ready to happen. Please make the owner of this property responsible and have them fence this area. Homeless men have been in this location.
  • Mini Drive And Stanford Dr Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    This area has been a constant eye sore. There are mattresses and a ton of trash that is also in the street. This property needs to be fenced ASAP. What do I have to do to get this property fenced in. This is bringing our house value down. Please help.

    Sandra 707-654-8311