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    2059 Swift Boulevard Houston, TX 77030, USA - Rice
    Corner of swift/Stockton, driveway backs to Stockton, owner blocks sidewalk with SUV and/or City of Houston sawhorse that should be in sinkhole next to drive instead of used to force pedestrians to walk in the street.
  • 2059 Swift Blvd Houston, Texas - Rice

    Ongoing problem with SUV/plants blocking sidewalk facing /Stockton at house on corner of Swift/ Stockton. The only way to get by is to walk in the street. This house has been doing this for years.

    NOT complaining about any other neighbors--none of them park in such a way as to force you to walk in the street.

    Thank you.

  • 2059 Swift Blvd. Houston, Texas - Rice
    A sawhorse that says COH-PWE has been blocking the sidewalk near the driveway on Stockton--house is on corner of Swift and Stockton, but blocked sidewalk is facing Stockton. Has been there over a month. Thank you
  • 2059 Swift Houston, TX - Rice
    Sinkhole on Stockton, it has had a warning sign blocking the sidewalk for over a month now. Forces neighbors to walk in the street.
  • 2059 Swift Blvd Houston, TX - Rice
    Ongoing problem with SUV blocking sidewalk, forcing neighbors to walk I'm the street.