Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 645
  • 300 Bailey Rd Pittsburg, CA 94565, USA - Bay Point
    big pothole in second lane from right, SB
  • 228-230 Sequoia Avenue Walnut Creek California - Contra Costa County
    Broken reflector in ditch. Please replace, front of 241 Sequoia Ave.
  • 1837-1919 West Leland Road Pittsburg California - Pittsburg
    Multiple potholes are opening up along W Leland Road, EB between Woodhill Dr and Southwood Dr. There are also some nasty ones in the Baypoint/Pittsburg BART parking lot loop that starts and ends on W Leland Rd.
  • 2201-2217 Oak Hills Drive Pittsburg, California - Pittsburg
    This pothole opened up during the recent rain and it's getting bigger every day. Please fix? It's located on the south east side of the intersection, directly in front of the "Oak Hills" sign.
  • 2898-2998 North Main Street Walnut Creek, California - Walnut Creek
    I pressed the walk signal, then waited for the walk sign. Cars made a left turn from Main onto Geary. When the white walk sign came on, the traffic light was red. I started crossing Geary street. Ten seconds later, the walk sign turned to a solid don't walk, and cars began to come down Geary! I nearly got hit but jumped onto the lane divider. I waited till the next green light then crossed the rest of the way.
  • Pothole Archived
    300 Bailey Road Pittsburg, California - Pittsburg
    The pothole in the Southbound lane is small now, but will grow with the next rain, as it did previously. The faster this is fixed, the better!