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  • 148 Bath St Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    Tenants don't bring trash bins in back of the house and property manager will not act, despite being informed that this is an on-going issue. Please cite this for a violation as it a finable offense.
  • 142-150 Bath St Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill
    this graffiti has been here for over a month. It is on one of the most visible facades on Smith St and is highly emnbarrasing to the Smith Hill neighborhood.
  • Graffiti Archived
    411 Smith St Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    There has been large and highly visible graffiti on the Smith St and Chalkstone Ave. sides of this building for weeks. One is related to Laotian Pride, a notorious SH gang.
  • 148 Bath St Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    The tenants do not take their trash barrels off the sidewalk. There are three there now overflowing and trash day in not until Friday. This is an offense by statue subject to fine and it happens each week. There is also trash everywhere on the property.