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    I-25 N Albuquerque 87109, United States - Albuquerque
    Repair and sweeping needed on I-25 pedestrian and bicycle overpass. Path surface is cracked, lifted, and large holes are present that pose a tripping hazard to path users.
  • 7612 American Heritage Dr Ne Albuquerque 87109, United States - Arroyo Del Oso North
    This house has been neglected. There has been no effort to control the weeds and overgrown vegetation on this property. It is an eyesore to the neighborhood.
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    4441 The 25 Way Ne Albuquerque 87109, United States - Albuquerque
    The bike and pedestrian bridge over I-25 needs some work done on the expansion joints. There is one expansion joint in particular on the west side of the bridge towards the top that is pushed up about 4-6 inches. It’s a big bump and is a tripping hazard. Many of the other expansion joints are crumbling with loose chunks all over the path.
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    1005 Osuna Rd Ne Albuquerque, NM 87113, USA - Vista Del Norte
    Porta-potty locked at Vista del Norte Park
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    N Channel Trail Albuquerque, NM 87106, USA - Albuquerque
    Garbage and debris from a homeless camp under I-40 and Diversion Channel multi-use trail. The garbage is a hazard to cyclists and other users. I had to stop my bicycle to clear a path. Experienced a verbal confrontation with a couple of homeless who have camped out there.
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    7705-7709 Lamplighter Ln Ne Albuquerque, NM 87109, USA - Arroyo Del Oso North
    Please sweep/clean the bike lanes and multi use paths in the NE quadrant of the city. Lots of rocks, broken glass, and debris in the bike lanes and paths. Thank you very much!