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  • 1055-1075 Old Colony Rd Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    Now three Predators in one small area? The mobile homes and now some wanker in the Gardens apartments..Building 1023...We're watching you chuckles.
  • 900-1055 Old Colony Rd Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    Hydrant flushing helped with the terrible tasting water.
    Thank you for addressing this issue.
  • 1 Peak Dr Meriden, CT - Meriden

    The playground yesterday was disgusting with garbage overflowing from cans..bottles and trash near the swings and slides.

    It was forecast to be a beautiful weekend and yet not a Parks & Rec employee to be found!

    Please clean the park.
    If the job is too hard there are plenty of people that would love to have it!