• Other Archived
    602 Sawyer St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    screeching fan along 500 block of Hemphill disturbing the piece at all hours of the day. belongs to parking deck at 602 Sawyer (not being) maintained by Griffin Partners 713-622-2114.
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    Sabine St Houston 77007, United States - Montrose
    No parking signage needed along Sabine land after turn off from Allen exit. Cars park up to intersection
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    105 Sabine St Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    No parking sign installed earlier this year has been torn down , uprooted and stolen
  • Other Acknowledged
    2001–2043 N Memorial Way Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    Sinkhole by a fire hydrant would seem to indicate a leak
  • 2009 Lubbock St Houston 77007 United States - Rice Military
  • Katy Freeway Frontage Rd Houston 77079, United States - West Houston
    Pedestrian countdown signal beacon run over
  • Other Acknowledged
    553–599 Hemphill St Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    Broken exhaust fan on parking garage creating loud metal on metal scraping noise all day and night every day.
    Building manager is not responsive to public request to maintain the peace of the community.
    Please enforce noise ordinance.
  • Flooding Archived
    3208 Washington Ave Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    There are barrels and caution tape so maybe CoH already knows, but there is a significant water leak bubbling through the road surface flooding the curbside for about 140 yards
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Washington Ave @ Cohn Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    two manholes sit well below level of street asphalt effectively acting as unavoidable potholes in westbound left lane. please make these flush with street surface.
  • Other Acknowledged
    4901 Washington Ave Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    Utilities lid displaced and damaged
  • Water Meter Acknowledged
    Gulf Fwy Houston 77002, United States - Rice Military
    Water meter lid missing at Mt RushHour
  • 701–799 White St Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    Vacant home graffitied
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1907 N Memorial Way - Rice Military
    A month or so ago CoH uprooted and moved two trash cans from the west side of Silver Triangle park to the side east of Silver St instead of just installing new trashcans on the east side.
    Now people are just leaving trash on the ground where the trashcans were.
    While there is no good excuse for this uncivil behavior, removing trashcans can predictably result in such behavior.
    Please install new trashcan or two where the old ones were removed.
    Of note, I picked up this pictured trash and disposed of it properly.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    3 Arnot St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Greater Heights
    three large deep potholes from heavy construction vehicles driving off edge of road at ongoing site
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    4146 Southwest Fwy Houston, TX 77027, USA - West University
    there is not advance signage with detour recommendation for the major exit closure at Sw fwy southbound at 610N.
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    4819 Washington Ave Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    speed limit and bicycle signage knocked down and laying on sidewalk
  • Street Hazard Archived
    101 Allen Pkwy Houston, TX 77019, USA - Montrose
    guard rail damage at exit to Dallas
  • Traffic Signs Archived
    3408 Travis St Houston, TX 77002, USA - Midtown
    probably a parking regulation sign post destroyed. no info regarding parking guidance from corner of Holman on Travis
  • Traffic Signs Archived
    Washington Ave @ Sandman St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    please install DoNot Block Intersection signage for eastbound Washington Ave at BOTH Sandman and Roy
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    1395 Gulf Freeway Srv Rd Houston, TX 77087, USA - East End
    someone forgot to include the Interstate 45 shield emblem on the exit sign indicating 45 North at the split on this exit.
    it just says "North"