John Mirsky

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    300 E Huron St Ann Arbor 48104, United States - Ann Arbor
    The fold-down flatscreen TV monitor in Council Chambers behind the area where council members and commissioners sit have exposed sharp corners (and somewhat rounded edges) at head / eye level when in the down position. This situation is an accident, potentially serious (deep gash, poked eye), waiting to happen. The corners and edges need to be protected! Corner and edge guards designed to protect children could be used for this purpose. I reported this problem ~ 2 years ago and nothing has been done yet. I sit on two commissions and don’t want me or my colleagues to be a victim of further lack of action.
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    300 E Huron St Ann Arbor 48104, United States - Ann Arbor
    Bollard lights outside the north entrance to City Hall were still on at 9am, well past when the sun was fully up. This wastes money, energy and GHG emissions. A light sensor or astrological timer should be installed for these and all outside lights.
  • 1928 Geddes Ave Ann Arbor 48104, United States - Ann Arbor
    The sidewalk on the Oswego side of 1928 Geddes / the Delta Tau Delta House is NEVER cleared. A service seems to clear the Geddes sidewalk but not the Oswego one. Everyone else on Oswego clears their walks. DTD should, too. My god, they must have 30+ able-bodied guys living there, they could get their pledges to to it or simply pay their service to do so. No excuses! Please levy a fine!
  • 1420 Geddes Ave Ann Arbor 48104, United States - Ann Arbor
    I walk by this rental home regularly. The sidewalk in front of the house is almost never shoveled. Tonight(2/19), I fell on black ice on the sidewalk near the driveway. Fine this rental!
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    310 E. Huron Street Ann Arbor MI 48103 - Ann Arbor

    Dangerous Sharp Edges on City Hall 2nd Floor Council Chambers Retractable Screens

    The the above room, the ceiling-mounted projector screens in the open position are a safety hazard for Councilpersons, Commissioners and anyone else who comes near them. They have hard metal edges and sharp exposed metal corners which are at or near head height. Anyone who turns around quickly or stands up after picking up a bag or coat placed along the back wall is in danger of hitting their head, being cut or even poking an eye.
    Council Chambers have had multiple safety-related posters displayed over the last many months. This serious safety issue in that very room needs to be corrected asap. Corner and edge guards are readily available in multiple, inexpensive executions, several of which should be able to eliminate or greatly reduce the current risk.

  • 1201-1267 Geddes Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA - Ann Arbor
    Potholes in bike lane - There is a 15' long series of overlapping potholes on N. University on the west side of Geddes in the westbound lane, all of which are in a designated bike lane (a bike lane sign precedes the potholes by ~ 20 yards). This is a heavily trafficked area, especially by buses approaching the bus stop aside the Natural History Museum. A bike rider has three choices: stay in the bike lane and risk a flat tire (I've had two rube punctures in my last twenty rides in the city); swerve around the potholes and risk being hit by a vehicle; or stop and hoist one's bike onto the sidewalk. None are good and the last is unlikely to be thought of while on the fly. These potholes are a safety risk and should be repaired ASAP but at least before the fall when student and vehicular traffic will increase considerably further increasing the risks and the increase in the inconvenience of repairs!
  • 611 Geddes Ridge Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA - Ann Arbor
    Green plastic barrier material was not cleaned up after construction was completed on Geddes Road at the entrance to Gallup Park on the south side of the river. The photo shows one section of green material. There are several other adjacent sections.