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  • 4419 Monument Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Malvern Gardens

    Same obnoxious lawbreaking, different car this time. Somebody left this car unattended on the Commonwealth Avenue sidewalk, almost entirely blocking the public right of way, for the entire weekend of June 23-24.

    As the photo shows, there is no shortage of street parking, and the car is too long to allow another vehicle to park on the street behind it anyway. Leaving the car on the public right of way only exposes it to damage from bicyclists. The owner's ill behavior seems meant to send a statement.

    This is the third photo I have posted here, and Google Street View shows that this behavior goes back years. Now that the City knows this person to be a persistent lawbreaker, I would respectfully request that the City issue a ticket.

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    1245-1299 Commonwealth Avenue Richmond Virginia - Malvern Gardens
    Vehicle regularly stored for long periods on sidewalk, blocking public right of way. The owner of 4419 Monument parks his car on top of the sidewalk East of Commonwealth instead of in the street, where there is plenty of space. The car is stored there for long periods of time on a daily basis and almost completely blocks the sidewalk. Google Street View from July 2015 shows a red Mini parked on the sidewalk, and my photo from May 16, 2018 shows a gray Acura RDX license 9743TE. His motive could simply be spite, and I hope the City can ticket some politeness into him.