sandra nelson

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 645
  • Fairfield Way Richmond, Virginia - Mosby
    The road on both sides of Fairfield way all the way around the jail and up to Broad Street is in need of repair. All of the repair work turns into speed bumps. Cars are always driving from one lane to another trying to duck the botched repair jobs. One afternoon there was a traffic cone over of the the patched pot holes.
    Cars driving back and forth over the bumps can get very dangerous. People don't always look when they try to duck the potholes.
  • Potholes Archived
    18th Street Richmond, Virginia - Upper Shockoe Valley
    Large rut in the road when the city dug up the street
    but never filled it in.properly or maybe it just settled.
    The rut just keeps gets deeper and deeper.
    this is just after you turn off left off Main Street..
    I think the barber shop sign says 4th.
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    Oliver Hill Way Richmond, Virginia - Upper Shockoe Valley
    This road has several large pot holes starting at the light at the jail all the way to Broad Street.
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    1620 Or 1618 Mechanicsville Pike Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    This pothole has never been fixed.
    The hole is very deep and wide. Looks like someone started the repair and ran out of material. Just never came back to finish the job. Can really see the difference when you enter the city line. This is sad.
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    1620 Mechanicsville Pike - Richmond Precinct 3
    Very dangerous pothole on the morning drive.