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  • 3106 West Cary Street Richmond, Virginia - Carytown
    Street light pole struck and leaning. Looks to be damaged bad enough that it could fall.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    3756-3798 North Huguenot Road Richmond, Virginia - Southampton
    Giant pothole. Big enough to loose a tire or bend a rim.
  • 5901 River Road Richmond, Virginia - Country Club Of Virginia
    Street lights on power poles not working on both sides of intersection (2 street lights) at Bridgeway Road and River Road.
  • 400-408 Libbie Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Three Chopt
    Light head on lamp post is damaged
  • 373-399 Somerset Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Three Chopt
  • 5807 Grove Ave Richmond, Virginia - Three Chopt
    Post light is broken off at base, and laying on sidewalk. Electrical wiring is exposed.
  • 3647-3699 N Huguenot Rd Richmond, Virginia - Stratford Hills
    Stop light timing has been out of sync for several weeks. The neighborhood street is even given an extended green light even when there are no cars there. As a result of the bad timing traffic backs up extensively onto Chippenham and in both directions on Huegonot Rd.
  • Chippenham Parkway And Hu
  • York Road And Granite Ave Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 3
    Where York Road intersects Granite Ave the road is badly damaged and covered with large potholes. Previously reported and ticketc was closed and reported as completed when nothing was done.
  • 19420-19562 Hull Street Rd Moseley, Virginia - Chesterfield County