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  • Cedar & Forest Street Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    Dead bunny. Please pick up.
  • 140 Forest Street Medford Massachusetts - Medford

    Two sidewalk panels in front of my house were ripped up a while ago. Once for gas line work and a second time for water line work. The gas company fixed the panel they were responsible for. The city has not.

    I've called the city many times for well over a year about fixing the panel they tore up for water line work. I've been nothing but polite and patient with the DPW folks over the phone. They have sent people many times, once to fill it with gravel and a couple other time to "look and verify it was water related"... two weeks ago they said they'd fill it and they left an orange cone on the gravel filled panel. Well, nothing got done so I called again this week. Today I saw they filled it with dirt.

    Look at the shape of the dirt in the picture and tell me that wasn't a cement panel once. It was. Kids across the street used it as a school bus stop. In the winter I can shovel out a cement panel for kids to stand on.

    Please DPW, do right by this. I'm not asking for the world. Just one panel of cement.

    what's up with that? is that any way to treat a neighbor?

  • 45 Webster St Medford, Massachusetts - Medford

    Shed door kicked in, water valve left open... Big mess, picture attached.

    Is it time for a motion activated solar powered nightlight? Perhaps similar to what's installed on the macnally flag pole.

  • 25-45 Webster Street (Mcnally Park) Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    Lots of rats (definitely not mice) moving between the dumpster and abandoned couch in the apartment building parking lot which abuts McNally. The couch needs to be picked up and rats addressed. Lots and lots of kids visit this park each day. Picture of abandoned couch is included.
  • 140 Forest Street Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    Two months ago the city ripped up the sidewalk in front to fix a water line leak. This meant that two pads were broken up and removed. Several days later one of the pads was replaced with asphalt. The second pad was not, several inches of the water pipe neck are essentially exposed (surrounded with loose dirt). After two months and no movement since when will the city replace the cement pads they removed? Also does the exposed water pipe conform to standard? I would guess not.
  • Lawrence & Forest X Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    Get ready some chaos! The principal set of traffic lights on forest are dark this mornning