• 929 52nd Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33703, USA - Euclid Heights Neighborhood Association
    This set of lights are manually turned on all night by the renter. They are over 150 watts in power. They are located 3 feet from the property line at a height of approximately 9 feet and shine on my property and into both of my bedrooms. - states
    All outdoor lighting shall be designed and installed to prevent glare and light trespass on abutting property. These lights can be viewed by codes from the sidewalk.
  • 929 52nd Ave. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Euclid Heights Neighborhood Association
    renters moved out and left couches and garbage across the entire front of the lot. owner is in oveido and was contacted...does not care
  • 1011 52nd Avew N. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Euclid Heights Neighborhood Association
    The house being built in the 1000 block of 52nd Ave. North has placed a large port-a-potty between the sidewalk and the street. It can be seen from blocks away. Is there a requirement that port-a-pottys be on private property?
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    878 52nd Ave. N. Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    A fire last night at this address sent the woman to the hospital. The pet dog died and the FD placed it in a plastic bag. A firefighter said animal control had been called. The bag was on the lawn this morning at 10 am.