Bylaw Enforcement Officer

  • 1600 Front Street Revelstoke, BC - Revelstoke
    While walking by 1600 Front Street this afternoon, I was accosted by a chicken who was running at large. I was just minding my own business when he chased me down the street and tried pecking at my feet.
    As he was pecking me I did happen to take out my iPhone and take his photo.
    I believe this chicken lives somewhere in the Big Eddy subdivision because I’ve seen him crossing the bridge a couple of times last summer.
    I hope you can find the owners and give them a stern warning for allowing this vicious chicken to run loose.
    He is terrorizing the neighbourhood and needs to be stopped.
    Let’s make Revelstoke a safe place for everyone.
  • 1595 Melnyk Road Revelstoke, BC - Revelstoke
    Large Husky X left unattended and Running at Large while owner is away for 2 days at a time.
    Dog allegedly killed a neighbors cat this morning.