• Traffic Signs Archived
    3204 Clark Ave. Raleigh North Carolina - Wade
    It would be very helpful to have the speed limit (25 mph) more clearly marked on Clark Ave. between Dixie and Faircloth. The speed limit signs on the street are not strategically placed and are often hard to see while driving. Illegal passing is a regular occurrence on this street, as drivers seem not to know that the speed limit is 25.
  • Other Archived
    Faircloth At Clark Ave. Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    Someone has driven over and knocked down a metal post in the median on Faircloth St. at Clark Ave. The metal post is now flat on the ground and lying in the street.
  • Pothole Archived
    21 Shepherd St Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    Between 21 and 23 Shepherd St. there is a hole in a patched area of the street.. When you look down the hole, you see a pretty big hollow area about a foot or two deep. It looks like if a few more cars drive over it it could give way.
  • 3204 Clark Ave. Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    Several of the speed limit signs on Clark Ave. between Shepherd and Faircloth are covered with mildew or are obscured by branches. I think the fact that drivers can't clearly see the speed limit signs contributes to the constant speeding on Clark Ave.