Concord, MA Neighbor

  • Pothole Open
    1-199 Old Sudbury Rd Maynard, MA, 01754, USA - Maynard
    Many potholes along old Sudbury road.
  • 144 Sandy Pond Road concord, MA - Concord
    Hello again. We reported this light out 6 months ago on this site and before that as well. Then again at the town meeting for the construction on Cambridge Tpke held at the Sandy Pond Road cul de sac roughly 4 months ago. We spoke with Chris Olbrot at that meeting who said no problem we'll get that done. We are hoping that we can get that done in the near future as it is a very dark road for walking, security etc. We do realize there are other pending and probably more important tasks at hand but we hold out hope. Thank you in advance for your time and effort in this matter! Regards
  • 65 Central St Concord, MA - West Concord
    4 feet of pavement on the south side of Central Street doesn't get plowed from about my driveway at 65 Central to the corner. As a result, on-street parking for the church and music school becomes a problem. The bend in Central at Pine is likely the reason and the plows don't realize that when they go by.
  • 73 Grant Street Concord, Massachusetts - West Concord

    There is two old Lead car batteries.

    It's on the right side on the trail( direction to West Concord). Near there is old white transformer box.

  • 299 Elsinore Street Concord, Massachusetts - Concord

    Street light on Elsinore St. does not go on at night. Likely burned out.

    Pole Number 31

  • 524 Harrington Avenue Concord, Massachusetts - West Concord
  • Other Archived
    295 Independence Road Concord, MA - Concord
    We had a very bold coyote come after our dog last night. After the attempt, it sat 30 feet from door in back waiting, with lights on. Finally moved off when I opened a window.
  • 147 Deacon Haynes Road Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Street lights on Deacon Haynes have been an issue for years. A couple of years ago, it took three phone calls to get one light replaced. Then it only lasted a couple of months.
    Lack of lights is much more noticeable in colder, darker months, which are when safety issues are greater.
    I have reported this by phone a couple of weeks ago. Now I've found this option for doing it in writing. Please send someone out to find the cause and make the fix asap.
  • Street Light Issue Acknowledged
    35 Lapham Rd Concord, Massachusetts - West Concord
  • Power outage Archived
    15 Annursnac Hill Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Entire neighborhood dark as of 7:50 PM
  • 786 Strawberry Hill Rd Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Looks the whole street lost electricity on 10/27/2018 at around 8pm.
  • Dead Animal Acknowledged
    Cambridge Turnpike At Sidney Lane Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Large dead raccoon on edge of roadway at the corner of Cambridge Turnpike and Sidney Lane.
  • Street Light Issue Acknowledged
    Munroe Place Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    The light at the circle on Munroe Place is super bright and annoys many neighbors. It is as if a flood light is shining in our bedroom window all night.
  • Other Open
    12x Channing Road Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Overgrowth of weeds makes exiting Channing Rd dangerous.
  • Powdermill Rd Between Stone Root And Old Pickard Concord, Massachusetts - Concord

    Frequent trash dumping on this stretch of Powdermill Rd. Would be good to have No Littering, Fine for Littering or other deterrent sign on the street.


  • 13 Stone Root Lane Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Street light at approx 13 Stone Root Lane stays on all day
  • 20 Indian Pipe Lane Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Two pot holes, one small and the second one medium (and dangerous), both adjacent to street drain covers; small one at 20 Indian Pipe Lane is getting bigger and medium down street drain cover beyond 201 Indian Pipe Lane has metal drain cover corner exposed
  • Other Archived
    821 Strawberry Hill Road Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Weed over-growth is making it unsafe to exit Channing Rd.
  • 468 Sudbury Rd Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Heard "boom" from outside house. Now now power and internet.
  • 396 Thoreau St Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Over the last 24 hours our water has gotten a brownish color to it. Our address is 396 Thoreau St Concord, we are next to CCHS. We have town water and sewer. I know the Spring flushing has already been done and I don't see any construction going on nearby. Is there a reason that you know about?