CT Transit Neighbor

  • Gold St & Main St Hartford, CT, 06103, USA - Downtown
    This sinking area is where the fast track and express buses stop in front of travelers.
  • Burr St & Concord St East Haven, CT, 06512, USA - East Shore
    Bus Stop blocking by illegal parking when Luv’ N Hair Salon is open.
  • 424 Granby St Hartford, CT, 06112, USA - Blue Hills
    URGENT - Deteriorating conditions observed in last 24 hrs! Rapidly expanding pothole when turning onto Tower Ave eastbound from Granby St. Pothole appears to be where an underground device, such as a pipe, cover or other utility device, exists. This intersection may be impassible as soon as tomorrow at this rate!
  • Forest Street New Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Traffic light malfunction at Forest and Fountain, not letting cars go from Forest