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  • 270 Jeanette Street Canton, Georgia - Canton
    debris pick up
  • Pothole Archived
    204 Woodland Way Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Pothole is at the entrance to Woodland Village Sub- Division where large fir trees are on your right. Please repair with concrete as you have before since it has lasted but the asphalt has not.
  • Other Archived
    50 Prominence Point Parkway Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Coming to the area near the Publix and Walgreens is a senior development which will bring additional traffic to this area. Residents can find additional info about this and a meeting set for March 5th to discuss it at:
  • Potholes Archived
    1045 Whispering Woods Dr Canton, Georgia - Canton

    Reporting three separate issues:
    1. Cluster of potholes on the intersection of Shoals Creek Rd
    and Whispering Woods Dr
    2. Deep pothole on the intersection of Whispering Woods Dr.
    and Woodland Ct (Whispering Hills Subdivision)
    3. There are cracks along Shoals Creek Rd as you are headed
    towards Waleska Rd starting at Whispering Woods Dr
    Thanks for the attention to this matter.

    These potholes seem to surface/get worse when school buses are operational during the school calendar.

  • Street Light Archived
    394 Spring Hill Drive Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Light resets every 2-3 Minutes
  • Street Light Archived
    340 Mountain Laurel Walk Canton, Georgia - Canton
    The street light next to our home doesn't stay on. It comes on if something moves in front of it and then turns off within 30 seconds.
  • Street Light Archived
    Jefferson Circle Canton, Georgia - Canton
    The Street Lights throughout Jefferson Circle community are very "dim". When driving through the community at night its very dark.
  • Brush Pickup Archived
    410 Magnolia Drive Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Tree limbs for the chipper truck.
  • Prominence Point Parkway Canton, Georgia - Canton
    The crosswalk switch used to cross from the Walgreens side to the Publix side (South to North) of this intersection has the white button broken out and is not usable.
  • 900 Keeter Rd Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Mid October had the roadwork on Keeter Rd finished. No striping of lanes, turn bays etc has been done yet. 2 1/2 months later no work seems to be going on regarding the re-striping. Can you now see that this project is finished.
  • Street Light Archived
    400 Laurel Canyon Parkway Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Light pole #17 was damaged by a falling tree during the snow storm. The arm and light fixture needs to be replaced. Light pole #16 is burnt out. Thank you.
  • Great Sky Parkway Canton, Georgia - Canton
    A lot of broken glass on Great Sky pkwy between the rounabout and Towering Peaks/Horizon Peaks.
    Last night a neighbor blew some of it off to the side. Your help is appreciated.
    Thank you.
  • 410 Magnolia Drive Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Leaves Pick Up for the vacuum truck at the curb.
  • 3275 Marietta Highway Canton, Georgia - Canton
    This issue has been reported 3 times in the last 2 years.
    A very large and deep hole in the pavement edge and driving lane across from the Biscuit Barn continues to deteriorate. Drivers trying to get around the blocked turn lane leave the pavement causing the damage. Please pave the hole area with asphalt this time.
  • 410 Magnolia Drive Canton, Georgia - Canton
    WM has failed to pick up at this address on scheduled day
    11/17/17. Bin was placed at road edge previous day. Still waiting.
    What can be done? Ridge Rd facility does not take garbage.
  • Other Archived
    410 Magnolia Drive Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Leaves pick up for vacuum truck needed.
    Is this service is available this year?
  • Street Light Archived
    537 Crested Hawk Ridge Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Street light out
  • Pothole Archived
    120 Diamond Ridge Ave Canton, Georgia - Canton
    2 potholes in front of 120 Diamond Ridge Ave in Diamond Ridge Sub that are causing vehicle damage
  • Street Light Archived
    539 Crested Hawk Ridge Canton, Georgia - Canton
    Street light out between 539 and 537 Crested Hawk Ridge.
  • Street Light Archived
    603 Pebble Rd Canton, Georgia - Canton
    street light out on pebble rd and in front of 248 springs crossing