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  • Stonebridge Blvd Newnan, GA, 30265, USA - Newnan
    Lot 615 on Stonebridge Boulevard, Newnan Ga 30265 in Stonebridge subdivision. Builder/Owner Patrick Malloy Communities continues to leave vacant lot overgrown. This is an eyesore to the neighborhood. Last cut in spring was not cut low enough. Builder should have at leat an 8 week maintenance schedule. I am about to place my home on the market and don't need any aesthetic issues from potential buyers. Thank you
  • Merrit Cir Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    The legal spelling of the address with USPS and all of our legal paperwork is Merritt. The sign needs to add another t at the end of the spelling.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Nury Trce Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    Steet has 2 large dips in. Can this be fixed? Also why hasn't paving taken place in the entire subdivision, only the street front entrance was repaved and no where else.
  • 12 Jordie Ct Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    Need yard debris picked up. Placed yard debris in black trash bag please pickup.
  • 454-484 Bullsboro Dr Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    Thank you. I did not know who to send this to. The new signal pattern at Bullsboro and the bypass is making a big difference. Traffic flows so much easier as a result. Please forward this to those responsible
  • 12 Watson Dr Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    Five vehicles parked in yard, two vehicles that are driven on occasion. Truck has full trash bags in cab.
  • 647-699 Greison Trl Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    The lines and lane indicators (arrows) are no longer visible on Greison Trail where it was repaved recently - thank you for that by the way. I have seen 2 cars get into what is the left turn only lane and then proceed to drive straight across Bullsboro to continue on Greison Trail. Both times there was almost an accident.
  • 44 Fox Ridge Dr Newnan, GA, 30265, USA - Newnan
    No bulk trash pickup on Monday 19Aug19 with no explanation why. Had boxes and broken desktop printer. Thanks
  • 32 Cherokee St Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan

    The Thompson Family at 32 Cherokee Street has over 50 advertisements selling used industrial chemical barrels on Facebook Marketplace. This operation of selling off barrels and drums from their residence is a LARGE nuisance to those that live nearby. Trucks bring in barrels daily. Barrels are unloaded and the labels are all removed (which identify the harmful chemicals that were inside). The barrels are then loaded into customers cars which makes a lot of noise for our neighborhood.

    Also customers that come to buy often knock on the wrong door looking to buy a barrel. These business activities occur at ALL hours of the day night and 7days a week. Last saturday we counted over 42 buyers. We chose to live here because we liked the quiet neighborhood which USED to be safe for our children to play. Now it is a lot different. We wish it could go back to how it used to be.

    Please stop this barrel operation. We are tired of the large trucks coming and going to deliver or pickup barrels. This business should not be allowed to be in a residence. Thank you for taking care of this.

  • 3 Castleton Ct Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    Dead deer first noticed Saturday 8/3. It has drawn the attention of many vultures.
  • Berry Ave Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    I am writing in regards to the residents living at 58 Berry Avenue. They have chickens roaming around in the yard. I believe there is a city ordinance that prevents city residents from owning chickens. Please have someone come out ASAP and have these chickens removed.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    17 4th St Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    There is a pothole that is getting bigger just in front of the stop sign at 4th Street and 2nd street. The potholes on 4th street have been filed in several times but it never works. The street needs to be repaved like the other streets in the area.
  • 1-11 Pinson St Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    The green light on 1 of the 3 new west bound traffic signals at broad/Farmer/Pinson is out.
  • Summerlin Blvd Newnan, GA, 30265, USA - Newnan
    The traffic light at the intersection of Summerlin Blvd and Lower Fayetteville Rd needs to have it's sensors or timers updated. The light will stay red for Summerlin Blvd for an extended period of time, even when there is no traffic on Lower Fayetteville Rd. It has taken multiple minutes of waiting at a red light to leave our subdivision even when there is no cross traffic.
  • 17 Long St Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    Is it legal, Old refrigerators,freezers, tvs, You name it. Scattered in the yard like a dump site attracting rats. Can someone please check.
  • 86 Spring St Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    I have seen the occupants of this house placing large items at the corner of Spring and 1st Street in front of the railroad tracks. Then they sit there for weeks because the trash company will not pick them up on a regular basis since the items are not in front of their house. Right now they have an old folding table and a tv sitting there.
  • 12 Watson Dr Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    Too many cars parked in yard; not in driveway. Two vehicles have been parked in yard for over a year.
  • 1-49 Sunset Ln Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    At the intersection of 4th street and Sunset Lane the light seems to be either operating on a timer and/or operating opposite of what it should. For example, 4th street goes through the light and half the time as a car approaches it (on 4th street) the light turns red with zero cars on Sunset Lane to trigger it. In fact, more often than not it is red when it should be green since 4th goes THROUGH the light where Sunset lane T's into it. Just wanted to see if that was changed recently for a reason because it doesn't seem to be working correct.
  • 135 E Broad St Newnan, GA, 30263, USA - Newnan
    House appears to have active hoarding. Front porch, side and back yard, including multiple outbuildings appear to be filled with household items, furniture and trash. Tarps stung along back yard to hide additional items from sight.
  • Tree Issues Archived
    19 The Promanade Newnan, GA, 30265, USA - Newnan
    Tree fell across the road, blocking cars & commercial traffic such as mail, fire, police etc..
    Been down for 2 days & resident has done nothing about the tree.