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  • Bucket Request Acknowledged
    569 Park Rd Mays landing, New Jersey - Mays Landing
  • Bucket Request Acknowledged
    4 Homewood Ct Hamilton Township, New Jersey - Atlantic County
    I requested this when we moved in our house in May but never received it
  • 302 Steven Drive linwood/Atlantic, New Jersey - Linwood
  • 610 Yarmouth Ave Absecon, New Jersey - Absecon
    I would like a 20-gallon recycling bucket
  • 41 Jensen Court Hamilton Township, New Jersey - Hamilton Township
  • 1210 S. Main Street Pleasantville, New Jersey - Pleasantville
    For years we used a blue basket as a recycling can. Today, the worker recycled our trash, including the basket. I am kindly requesting a recycling bucket. We only need a small bucket.
  • 915 Ridgewood Drive northfield, New Jersey - Northfield
  • 100 Country Club Drive Linwood/Atlantic, New Jersey - Linwood
    I would like to have a recycling bucket delivered
  • 101 Cedar Ave Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey - Atlantic County
  • 15 Catherine Place Northfield , New Jersey - Northfield
    Our yard was cans were picked up Monday however I think the ACUA may have overlooked the remainder of my yard waste on the other side of my property (in front of alley). No note was on the piles. My husband had cut the branches before putting on street on Sunday. Please pick up. Thank you.
  • 6052 Baltimore Ave Egg Harbor Township/Atlantic Co, New Jersey - Atlantic County
    Bucket request please
  • 607 N Somerset Ave Ventnor, New Jersey - Ventnor City
  • Bucket Request Acknowledged
    714 Cecil lane, Northfield, New Jersey - Northfield
  • 200 Churchill Drive Egg harbor township, New Jersey - Atlantic County
    Just moved in. I have a trash can but no recycle bucket.
  • 6043 Heritage Hamilton Township, New Jersey - Mays Landing
    Resident reporting missed yard debris recovery.
  • 400 Hamburg Avenue Egg Harbor City , New Jersey - Egg Harbor City
    Just moved into my home and currently have no recycle bucket since the house was previously abandoned - kindly drop off my complimentary bucket - thank you in advance for your time!
  • 2305 Burroughs Ave Northfield/ Atlantic, New Jersey - Northfield
    Would like to request a bucket for 2018.
  • 114 Weymouth Ave Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey - Atlantic County
    I would like to request an additional recycle bucket.
  • 6656 Black Horse Pike 427 Egg harbor township , Nj - Atlantic County
  • 359 Washington Ave Egg Harbor City, New Jersey - Egg Harbor City

    Want to make a request for a free recycling bucket for the property listed above. Already have a trash container just want a free recycling bin.

    Thank you!