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  • Pothole Archived
    2-16 School St Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton
    Multiple potholes at end of elizabeth rd/school st near 2 elizabeth.
  • Litter Archived
    180 Ash Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    Litter scattered on both sides of the road around 180 Ash Street. Winds have blown it between 180 and 173 Ash Street.
  • Pothole Archived
    101 Main St Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton
    Pothole at 101 Main Street (in front of driveway) has exposed gas line. As cars are driving over it, I can hear the gas cap rattling. I have left a phone message and email message for DPW in addition to posting here.
  • Roadwork Archived
    17 Smith Rd HOPKINTON, MA - Hopkinton
    Pothole located in street directly in front of driveway @ 17 Smith Rd.
  • 13 Redwood Path Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton


    I've purchased the property last year in April 2018. Can you please let us know why owner still listed as Pulte?

    It should be Swapnil Nagarkar

    617 510 0607

  • 29 School St Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton
    The new online curbside collection calendar is a joke! The format simply repeats same description for each day, with no monthly or weekly overview. Does not tell you whether any given day is a holiday, thus giving no information about whether that day (and/or following days)is a valid pickup day or not. Absolutely useless!
  • Litter Open
    364 Wood St Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton
    There is massive amounts of litter strewn all over Route 135 south of Harvey's Recycling, for miles. Would someone with the Town of Hopkinton please take care of this??? Our town is beginning to look quite literally like a dump! For a town that has so much natural beauty, this is an abomination.
  • 247 West Main Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    There is a large pole in front of my driveway and its too heavy for me to lift. Its on the street and is blocking part of my drive and sticking into the street. It is a huge hazard especially if a bike hits it.
  • Roadwork Archived
    1 Cider Mill Rd Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    There is a broken sidewalk curb near our mailbox. It was from a plow this past winter. Additionally, the grassy area between the sidewalk and street is infested with Cicada Killer hornet nests. It is dangerous for anyone walking along the sidewalk, street or in our front yard. There are dozens of nests and constant activity from the hornets.
  • Roadwork Archived
    Teresa Road Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    One of the last storms the snow plows pulled up the grass on a lot of homes on Teresa Road. The other day we saw it being fixed on a few homes, but not the whole neighborhood. Will they come out and do the rest?
  • 61 Teresa Rd Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    The sewer grate in the street at the end of our driveway keeps sinking and looks like its going to fall in. When driving in/out of our driveway its hard to avoid and we're afraid our cars will get stuck/damaged at some point as the front of our car hits the ground as we go over it. Can it be fixed and lifted high enough that our cars don't drag on the ground as they go over it?
  • Tree Issue Archived
    3 Mckay Road Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    There are a number of small trees that are bent over and hanging in the road, blocking one side.
  • 171 Spring Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    Hello: The last storm has caused the tree next to our mailbox to have a large limb crack. It's hanging, but will eventually fall into the road. It's very high up. Can you please remove it? Also, I wouldn't be opposed to you removing the limb closest to the ground that is looming near the end of our driveway, either. That will likely be the next limb to go. Thank you!
  • TEST2 Archived
    18 Main Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
  • Tree Issue Archived
    81 Pleasant St Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    A a broken tree branch is hanging over Pleasant Street
  • 4 Kerry Lane Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    There is a cable line dipping down across Kerry Lane (in front of my house). Which has limited the plows from accessing some of the street.
  • 29 School St. Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    During storm on evening of 2/07/18, plow went over curb and struck our mailbox (per photo). Will require replacement arm and box, and labor (6 large screws stripped out of post). Still assessing damage; have affected temporary repairs with rope and nails.
  • 21 Grove Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    Sidewalk plow tore up lawn.
  • 66 Elm St Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    Our trash day was yesterday and we had our can outside all day from 7am but the trash was not picked up
  • 25 Chestnut Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    There is a dead house cat on the side of Chestnut Street between Wild Ave and Gradie Way. Could someone please come clean it up? Thank you!