Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 89,155
  • Elk St & Lark St Albany, NY, 12210, USA - Sheridan Hollow
    blocked drain
  • 163 N Allen St Albany, NY, 12206, USA - Albany
    Crazy-sounding loud cussing (major profanities) and yelling coming from the address of 163 N Allen St RIGHT NOW. This guy usually makes a ruckus in evenings, nights, afternoons but this is the worst that we have ever heard him. It is an ongoing continuing situation + he has only been getting louder + louder over the years. Pls get to him when you can.
  • 163 N Allen St Albany, NY, 12206, USA - Albany
  • Pothole Open
    114 Russell Rd Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Campus Area-University District
    Today I blew out a tyre on this pothole. It’s 6 inches deep and very hazardous. Also bad potholes one intersection back toward Western Ave, on Russell rd, Albany 12203. MUST BE FIXED!!!!!
  • 89 N Pine Ave Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Pine Hills
    It sounds like there is loud music coming from the lower level of the apartment building and it is quite disruptive.
  • 32 Ryckman Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    Property hasn’t been mowed since last year. Garbage bin in front yard has been on its side since winter. Same problem there last year.
  • Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    Please check out where the money goes for the CDPHP Workforce Challenge. While people are paying to enter the race and an entire neighborhood is being incredibly inconvenienced, this organization raises money for a runner's club, not a worthwhile charity. Be careful what you're sucked into and Albany please move this event to a location that does not cause horrible upheaval to the most densely populated area in the city.
  • 6 Stonehenge Drive Albany, New York - Buckingham Lake-Crestwood
    Large pothole is increasing in size over time and becoming more dangerous to drivers
  • 503 State St Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Central Avenue
    Some of these branches have been on the ground for weeks. On Tuesday morning crews were mowing and weed-whacking in this area. There were several utility golf carts and several workers. But none of these branches were picked up. Can these get picked up?
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    23 Garden Ave Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District
    More potholes down Cross St
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    300 Washington Avenue Extension Albany, New York - Dunes
  • 192 Ormond Street Albany, New York - Buckingham Lake-Crestwood
    On the corner or Ormond and Greenway there is a water cap missing (maybe 6” diameter) and there is a hole in the ground as well as on the front lawn of 192 Ormond Street close to the road
  • Zoning Closed
    448 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    What's up with the lack of oversight regarding the Lionheart and the Mobil Station? Neither property is zoned for the new drinking pen installed in the parking lot of Mobil and also impacting the public sidewalk. Surrounding property owners were not notified of any public hearing about this and the cars that turn into Mobil are dangerously close to wiping out the people sitting in the parking lot driveway. What's the point of a huge addition that blocks the view many properties had only to serve people in a parking lot?
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    215 Broadway Albany, New York - Albany
    there are two very wide and deep potholes that make it almost impossible to navigate without hitting one or the other.
  • 105 Russell Road Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District
    Times Union Newspaper Delivery Person (gray Toyota SUV) is speeding through stop signs in the Eagle Hill neighborhood every morning with impunity. Children are walking and waiting for the school bus while the TU delivery man (again--gray Toyota SUV) speeds through every stop sign on and around his Cottage Ave route. I understand he needs to deliver the papers on time, but it should not be at the expense of our kids' safety. This is every morning around 6:30-7:30 am. Please help!
  • 259-269 Morton Ave Albany, NY, 12202, USA - Albany
    Pavement markings for left turn lane onto Oneida Terr are faded. Some drivers in that lane are continuing westbound straight on Morton.
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    419 Delaware Ave Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    Graffiti on traffic signal box, corner of Delaware and Marinello.
  • 32 Ryckman Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    Grass very overgrown. Recycling bin laying on its side in grass for months.
  • 150 Myrtle Avenue Albany, New York - Hudson Park
    Two large sinkholes in front of new apartments cause traffic to swerve to opposite lane--I was nearly hit this morning. These are deep depressions that need to be regraded; the little patch of asphalt that was placed there does nothing. PLEASE FIX ASAP. Thanks.
  • 81 S Lake Ave Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Pine Hills
    The street light in front of our house at 81 S. Lake has been out for several weeks. We reported this earlier but it's still out. Thanks.