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  • Other Closed
    1610 Fairgrounds Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    They are running a tow yard out of the gas station. Towed vehicles dropped there
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    120 Mcgrue Avenue Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Garbage bags dumped in the street
  • 900 Sacramento Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    Even after several reminders to some staff and the director, Gabe during 2017, these Trees have not been secured well.

    Earlier in 2017, it appeared to be tilting to about 10 or 15 degrees backwards...but as the year progressed, it is now worse ... bending more than 50 degrees.


    Got pictures on a cell phone camera, which can be uploaded to prove my point !!

    They represent Honored Public Servants who have done a lot for our community.

    Thank you for your immediate attention.

  • 4414 Redwood Parkway Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    The two street lights (#9575 and #7326) in the center median are out. Please replace. Thank you.
  • 1020 N Camino Alto Vallejo, California - Vallejo
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1152-1164 Devlin Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Pile of grass clippings and yard waste dumped at the corner of Columbus Parkway&Devlin. Used the sign to pull the load out of the back of the transport vehicle. Can we not fix a camera somewhere in the vicinity of this location as dumping occurs regularly? The perpetrator is getting quite bold and 'in you face' using a rope attached to the sign to pull the load out of the transport.
  • Trash Open
    444 Georgia St. Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    The trash can outside of our office is overflowing and is leading to people dumping their trash on the ground. If we could get somebody to empty the trash it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.
  • Whitney Avenue Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Intersection of Whitney/taper avenue and fairgrounds rd.
  • 434 Glenn Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    City planted trees are lifting sidewalk and paved street and curbing.
  • Delvin Road And Columbus Parkway Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Someone dumped trash and debris on the sidewalk and street on Delvin Road and Columbus Parkway.
  • Trash Archived
    514 Alabama Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Trash is piled up outside the back gate of 514 Alabama Street (at the back gate at 514 Quincy Alley)...this has been there for WEEKS as a result of a homeless person, who, despite repeated calls, is still living in the area. The pile continues to get larger and larger...there are rats going in and out of the pile, human feces, urine-soaked clothes. Disgraceful.
  • Other Archived
    485 Mare Island Way Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    hello! second request in several months for this issue! please repaint bike lanes and bike symbols in bike lanes along Mare Island Way; the north and south of the red marker in this application by several blocks need repainting. this is a serious safety issue! thanks!
  • Street Light Archived
    3164-3198 Redwood Parkway Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    The two street lights on the median have been out for quite a while.
  • 339 Grant Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
  • 120 Essex Court Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Street on the back end of Essex Court is damaged. Street is crumbling upward, causing a mound of crumbled pieces, and a hole. Not sure if this is considered a pothole. This damage is in front of my driveway, making it difficult for me to get in and out.
  • Devlin Drive And Shea Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    TV and trash on corner of Devlin Dr and Shea
  • Other Archived
    Toulumne And Redwood Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    street light at corner of Tuolumne and Redwood not cycling correctly at 5:15 AM
  • Drug Activity Archived
    410 Alabama St Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    drug activity/prostitution in alley (Qincy), behind home and sqatters living in garage. Packages/mail being stolen, property in yard being stolen. Garbage being thrown into street and neighbors yards homes. Cars and people driving into alley at all hours (all night light). Fighting, 2 shootings I'm aware of. A neighbor of mine took a photo last week of one of them pooping in my yard. Another neighbors found clothes in his washer on porch that do not belong to his family. Another neighbor found used needles in her yard. We are all feeling unsafe and afraid our homes will be broken into when we leave. It's sad, it's always been a changing neighborhood but until now we felt safe. No body seems to be doing anything!!!
  • Grant Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Empty field with homeless encampments and trash and some fire and over grown grass
  • 241 Los Gatos Avenue Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Wondering when Valle Vista Avenue will be repaved between Redwood and Whitecliff. It appears that it was on the list in 2017 but was deferred. The street is in dire need of repaving (as is much of the surrounding neighborhood).