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  • 4 Skillman Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Journal Square
    Sweeper came through only One side brush down next to the curb. Brush on drivers right side was raised. I asked the driver/operator to raise both brushes and he did not. After he passed through Skillman Avenue, papers which he ran over which had been in the center path of the vehicle were blown to the center of the street. If he had the raised the both brushes the street would have been cleaned properly (almost). I do not know what the procedure for raising the brushes but if he is going to clean the street then why not use both brushes
  • 22 Skillman Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Journal Square
    Right next to the parking lot. on Skillman Avenue Tree has several large limbs which are about to fall. Several limbs have already come down and hit both parked vehicles and vehicles being driven. Several children play in this area.
  • Skillman Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Journal Square
    Street Sweeper is a no-show or drives fast with brushes up or brushes down and no water. Many times the sweeper is for show only or maybe just so that paring tickets can be issued. I have called the Supervisor at JCIA and was told that a supervisor or foreman would be sent. It didn't happen. I was told that the sweeper was behind schedule and it would be there momentarily and it didn't show. Hopefully beginning next week with our Mayor Fulop this will cease. He is already, I mean continuing to help us.
  • 2 Skillman Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Journal Square
    There is trash all about this residence. It has been there for well over a year and is increasing in volume. Neighbors would attempt to put it out for collection but we may get in trouble..such as being reported for stealing etc. Some rubbish is too large and too heavy for us to handle.
  • 1 Skillman Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Journal Square

    I am VERY concerned that Jersey City Government does not know that this exact situation does not continue to exist on this apartment building and on the also mentioned related many buildings. If the city was really concerned this problem would have been taken care of at this specific location. It also would have been corrected on the other dozens of graffitti areas...Nothing has been done but YOU still waste my time inquiring and if you were truly concerned those responsible to correct this situation.those who you reported this issue to would have reported back to you. The system is all messed up and that is the biggest problem.

    Graffiti on the Van Winkle side of this apartment house. Graffiti is also on several other buildings located (a) opposite 123 Van Winkle, (b) on the white building opposite 109 Van Winkle (c) on the garage door of the building opposite 125 Van Winkle (d) on the building which is on the corner of Newark Avenue and Liberty Avenue (on LIberty Avenue side and also on the back of this building. (e) graffiti has been already removed from other nearby buildings by the owners.