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  • Desoto Rd And Tuttle Sarasota, Florida - North Sarasota
    at 4:40 am the light turns red with no cross traffic around and stays red for more than 2 minutes.
  • 2443 Eugene Street Sarasota, Florida - Gulf Gate Estates
    There is a box spring mattress that is partially blocking the sidewalk on the west side of S Beneva Rd between Hively St and Eugene St.
  • 730 Morningside Drive englewood, fl 34223, Florida - Sarasota County
    derelict vehicles, business operations with vehicles and possible gasoline/diesel/oil trash going into soil. junk/trash covering property. i live next door at 734 morningside dr and GIVE FULL AUTHORIZATION FOR ANY INSPECTOR TO COME ONTO MY PROPERTY TO BETTER INSPECT JUNKYARD,
  • Ringling Plaza Sarasota, Florida - Indian Beach-Sapphire Shores

    Good morning,

    The green light at Ringling Plaza heading east onto University is far too short at 5:00pm and only allows 4-5 cars to pass through. As museum employees and visitors (and New College employees) leave for the day, there are often 10-20 cars waiting to travel east though this intersection. Can the green light please be extended during rush hour to allow more cars to pass?

    Thanks so much!

  • Desoto Road Between Honore And Cattlemen Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    The lights are not on and therefore the sidewalks are not illuminated making it a very dangerous pedestrian area.
  • 633 Palmetto Dr Venice, Florida - South Venice
    Retention Pond Over grown with TREES- no water flow
  • 243 Hillview Road venice, Florida - Venice Gardens
    This is way out of control and it never stops .
  • Pothole Archived
    5591 Cynthia Lane Sarasota, Florida - Fruitville
    Two Large Cracks in in pavement the width of road! Cracks caused my grandson the crash his bike Saturday. Needed to call 911. Thanks for immediate attention.
  • 350 Morningside Drive Sarasota, Florida - Lido Shores
    Street Light in front of 350 Morningside Drive is outis out
  • Bahia Vista And Shade Sarasota, Florida - Arlington Park
    The graffiti at this location is getting worse.
  • Fruitville Rd & Tatum Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    Light changes red for Fruitville for no reason, stays red too long, then changes green for just a few seconds. This should not be happening at 5:30am when there are no cars on Tatum.
  • 6249 Weymouth Dr Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    Street Light on corner of Weymouth Dr & Avon St is out
  • De Miranda Avenue North Port, Florida - Warm Mineral Springs
    Discarded leather chair
  • 2114 Hively Street Sarasota, Florida - Gulf Gate Estates
    Banana Tree ( Bush?) Blocking view for resident trying to pull out of driveway.
  • Code Enforcement Acknowledged
    243 Hillview Road VENICE, FL - Venice Gardens
    This home has a business being run out of it and also the next house same business . Big trucks and multiple trailers. Its been reported a few times.I do have more photos
  • Bellagio Blvd Venice, Florida - South Venice
    all four lights are out and one pole is missing a fixture. This is a dangerous intersection. FPL said it is a county issue
  • Other Archived
    1930 Boyce Street Sarasota, FL - Sarasota
    Hi. I am wondering who is responsible if I want to request trees be planted on the curb side of the street? Our street is lacking in vegetation and it could help block a lot of the noise from 41.
  • 1166 Wyeth Drive Nokomis, Florida - Sarasota County
    Good morning, Is it possible to have the large oak tree trimmed up hanging over Wyeth Dr. in cul de sac across from the home at 1166 Wyeth Dr.? The UPS/Fed Ex trucks keep hitting the lower limbs partially blocking their access to this location. There also is a street light near this tree in the landscaped area of this oak tree. FPL won't trim the tree. Thank you, Bill Kall, Sorrento Woods HOA Maintenance, cell ph. 309-798-6158
  • Central Ave Sarasota, Florida - Central Cocoanut
    Cracks in sidewalk towards Central Ave and Blvd of the Arts
  • Pothole Archived
    3173 Hyde Park Street Sarasota, Florida - Southgate
    This is a non-maintained secondary road but is impassable to emergency vehicles due to all the holes in the road