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  • Rat/Health Issue Acknowledged
    540 Villa Park Drive Nokomis, Florida - Laurel
    on the right side of this home there are hundreds of rat droppings in the garbage area and an overflow of trash
  • 1129 Groveland Ave Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    I would like a response to my question about who is responsible for cleaning drains under driveways n county easement. As seen in pictures the drain under 1133 Groveland Ave, Venice is clogged and does not allow water to flow freely to the main storm day on east side of that property. The water between the mailboxes is about two feet deep in the ditch and as seen not much water is getting through to the main storm drain. Mine at 1112 Groveland is somewhat clogged as well. Can't seem to log in so please email me at
  • Stormwater Issue Acknowledged
    1129 Groveland Ave Venice, Florida - Sarasota County
    How does a homeowner get drain pipes under their driveway on county property cleaned out? As seen in pictures there is an issue. the one at 1133 Groveland is basically half full of dirt which does not allow runoff to reach large county storm drain at east side of that property as shown by little water getting to storm drain. The one under mine is somewhat blocked as well.
  • Manasota Beach Rd Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    Street lights are out
  • Corner Gulf Gate And Beneva North Sarasota, Florida - Gulf Gate Estates
    Traffic Light (left arrow) not working/outage
  • 2101 Forked Creek Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    Trash left in ROW and front yard area. Litter all over the place.
  • 500 Rockley Blvd Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
  • 500 Rockley Blvd Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    URGENT towards preventative accidents!!! Traffic Light is blinking yellow and crosswalk is out. Please repair ASAP. Thanks
  • 595 Denburn Court Sarasota, Florida - Englewood
    We have an issue with the storm water pipe in the easement at 595 Denburn court Englewood fl. The pipe is allowing water to flow under it and is washing out the soil and seawall. We had contractors out to give pricing but non of them will touch it because its a county storm water pipe. My Neighbor on the other side of the easement said that the county was going to fix and that they had a work order #. they have left for the season so I did not get the #. Can you look into this as it is becoming a dangerous condition. Please contact me
    Michael Presciti
  • 5110 Northridge Road Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    Signal sensor for eastbound left turn lane from Northridge Rd. onto northbound Honore Ave. is not working. Traffice light will not change until other cars are present at the intersection, and then there still won't be a turn arrow.
  • Snook Haven Boat Launch Venice, Florida - Sarasota County
    New boat launch at Snook Haven needs to have a boarding ladder installed before someone gets seriously injured. It is nearly impossible to enter or exit a boat during low water conditions.
  • Solid Waste Archived
    Manasota Beach Parking Lot Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    There is a junk boat filled with garbage parked at the far end of the Manasota Beach parking lot. It was previously parked in the paved lot, now it is parked in the dirt lot. There is garbage on the ground all around the boat; it appears that someone might be living there.
  • 1446 Fairless Sarasota, Florida - Englewood
    The vehicle is located in the empty lot left of 1446 Fairless Rd.
  • 2143 Forked Creek Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    There is a pile of tree trimmings close to the ROW at 2143 Forked Creek Dr. Tree trimmings should be bundled (40 # max.) and set at the edge of the street for Waste Management pickup. This debris has been setting for about 10 days without any attention tp removal.
  • 2113 Forked Creek Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    There is a large pile of yard debris in the ROW next to 2113 Forked Creek Dr. The pile has been there over 10 days. Waste Management will not remove non-bundled yard waste.
  • Corner Of Center Rd. And Venice East Blvd Sarasota, Florida - Plantation
    The signal light is much too long. The light cycle for the left turn lane takes approximately 2.5 minutes to execute. This makes 10 to 12 vehicles to que up, attempting to take the left. This condition leaves vehicles building up in the middle travel lane. I have seen cars taking a right there, and a short way down the street, making a "u-turn" to beat the light cycle. Other drivers are running the red light to avoid a long light cycle.
    I understand a survey was done and the light was reprogrammed however, the consequences of a long light cycle taking the left turn, may not have been fully understood. I have waited at this light, with zero traffic, heading either East or West many mornings. I travel this route several times a day as part of my job and as a local resident.
    Please have an engineer evaluate the situation, any weekday morning when the traffic is at it's heaviest.
    This is my second request for an evaluation. No one responded on my first request.
    Lawrence Stenbeck
    753 Silk Oak Dr
    Venice Fl 34293
    Sarasota County
    Utilities Dept. ITSU
    Employee No. 109506
  • Pothole Archived
    Northgate Blvd Eastbound Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County
    1. Northgate Blvd eastbound at Northgate Court-left lane of blvd
    2. Northgate Blvd eastbound just before Washington Blvd-left lane of blvd
  • 3351-3399 Gulf Gate Drive Sarasota, Florida - Gulf Gate Estates
    The light at the corner of Beneva and Gulf Gate seems to be taking much longer than normal, causing traffic to build up way down Gulf Gate Drive.
  • Pothole x2 Archived
    Corner Of Hermes And Old Englewood Rd Sarasota, Florida - Venice Gardens
    Two deep potholes at the corner of Old Englewood Rd and Hermes Rd. Please fix.
  • 9045 Tamiami Trl S Venice, Florida - Sarasota County
    The timing on the light is giving priority to a single car leaving West Villages Pkwy and entering N River Rd. With heavy traffic heading South on River Rd. during 5-6pm rush hour, the light immediately triggers each time one car approaches. This allows only about 4 cars on River Rd to move through the light and causing line of stopped and crawling traffic back to Center Ave.