City of Toronto Neighbor

  • 345 Rogers Rd Toronto, ON M6E 4W7, Canada - Toronto
    pothole in westbound lane before crosswalk
  • 341 Prince Edward Dr N Toronto, ON M8X 1B2, Canada - Toronto
    reasonably large pothole travelling westbound on bloor st. at your cross through Prince Edward Sr
  • 870 Weston Rd Toronto, ON M6N 3R6, Canada - Toronto
    inbetween left turn lane and middle lane. About 2ft wide by 1ft heading southbound.
  • 6 Thirty Second St Toronto, ON M8W 3G4, Canada - Toronto
    Erosion Underneath Thirty Second Street
  • 304 Culford Rd Toronto, ON M6L 2V5, Canada - Toronto
  • 479-485 Cherry St Toronto, Ontario, M5A, CAN - Toronto
    On the western SIDEWALK on SUMACH STREET/CHERRY STREET immediately NORTH of Eastern Avenue there is a metal plate. I am not sure if it covers a hole but it has been there for 6+ months and is a trip hazard. Maybe someone can investigate and get it removed and any hole, if there is any, filled in.
  • 120 Front St E Toronto, ON M5A 1E3, Canada - Toronto

    On Taylor's Wharf Lane just where it meets Jenoves Place (and leading to the pedestrian pathway to Front Street) there is a "depression". When it rains it fills with water and it is just in the 'wrong place. (It looks like a very poorly filled old utility cut repair to me.

    Could someone go and fill it in with LOTS of asphalt so that water runs towards the street drains, please! It is annoying when it's water-filled; it will be DANGEROUS when it's ice!

    Maybe in 2020 that section of Taylor's Wharf Lane could actually be properly repaired with concrete?

  • 201-273 Victoria St Toronto, Ontario, M5B, CAN - Toronto
    There is a HUGE pothole beside streetcar tracks on VICTORIA STREET about 75 yards south of Dundas St E. It really needs to be filled in and, ideally, the City would deal with other (less dangerous) areas on Victoria from Dundas to Queen. ( I know the street will be re-done in 2020 but it can't last until then.)
  • 9 Leslie St Toronto, Ontario, M4M 3M9, CAN - Toronto

    There has been ROAD REPAIR sign on northbouind lane of LESLIE ST immediately south of COMMISSIONERS ST for months. There are NO roadworks going on - finished months a=go.

    The sign blocks a lane and should be removed before winter

  • 55 Gerrard St E Toronto, ON M5B, Canada - Toronto
    there is no graffiti but somebody ripped the inner bins out
  • Ellis Ave & The Queensway Toronto, Ontario, M6S, CAN - Toronto
    There was recently (last spring) some construction @ Ellis and The Queensway. The contractors made a temporary ramp on west side of Ellis so they could drive onto the grass. They have gone but the ramp remains. Can the City remove it before winter?
  • Yonge St & The Esplanade Toronto, Ontario, M5E, CAN - Toronto
    On the NORTH EAST corner of Yonge and The REsplanade there is a VERY poor utility cut repair around a service box. It is immediately at the pedestrian crossing so is a TRIP HAZARD. Can you get it fixed before winter? Thanks
  • Gardiner Expy Toronto, ON M5J, Canada - Toronto
    pothole on right lane
  • 275 Cherry St Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3L3, CAN - Toronto
    The intersection of Commissioners Street and Cherry Street (in particular westbound lanes of Commissioners) is VERY pot-holed. It needs to be fixed before winter.
  • Don Rdwy & Lake Shore Blvd E Toronto, Ontario, M5A, CAN - Toronto
    There is a large (and growing) pothole on SOUTHBOUND lane of Don Roadway just north of Lake Shore - right beside the rail tracks. If it's large now it will be huge in the winter so I suggest you or ??? fix it. Thanks
  • 57 St Joseph St Toronto, Ontario, M4Y, CAN - Toronto
    24/7 pounding noise from cars! Loose sewage / manhole cover!!
    Extremely noisy and loud and distracting and does not stop!!
  • 9 Leslie St Toronto, Ontario, M4M 3M9, CAN - Toronto
    There are several construction signs on the NORTHBOUND curb lane of LESLIE STREET just south of Commissioners Street. They have been there for months but construction finished many months ago. Can they be removed, please?
  • 10 York St Toronto, Ontario, M5J 0E1, CAN - Toronto
    There are several Toronto Hydro hand-wells on the (brick) sidewalk on NORTH-EAST CORNER of York & Lake Shore. (about 10 yards east of York Street.) They have sunk and need to be properly repaired. Trip Hazard.
  • 220 Victoria St Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1V8, CAN - Toronto
    Large and dangerous pothole right beside TTC tracks on Victoria St. Opposite # 220.
  • 570 Eastern Ave Toronto, Ontario, M4M 1C9, CAN - Toronto
    There is a pothole (actually a SUNK STREET DRAIN) in bike lane on EASTERN AVE immediately east of CARLAW. It is dangerous for cyclists; can it be repaired, please?