Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 3,055
  • 2902-3000 Don Mills Rd E North York, Toronto, Ontario, M2J 3B8, CAN - Toronto
    Several potholes and very rough road surface in the curb lane beside the bus stop. Please install a concrete pad.
  • 112 Adelaide St E Toronto, ON M5C 1K9, Canada - Toronto
    There is a UTILITY CUT (about 12 inches x 12 inches) on the SOUTH sidewalk of Adelaide Street East OPPOSITE #110 Adelaide St East. It is REALLY dangerous as it is about 4 inches deep and right in middle of sidewalk. It looks like a WATER shut-off but ???
  • 122-136 Broadview Ave Toronto, Ontario, M4M 2G2, CAN - Toronto
    Pothole on BROADVIEW AVE just adjacent to streetcar tracks, west side.
  • 30 Adelaide St E Toronto, ON M5C 3G6, Canada - Toronto
    Pothole on Adelaide St East (on pedestrian crosswalk on east side of Victoria Street)
  • St Lawrence Market-North 92 Front St E, Toronto, Ontario, M5E, CAN - Toronto
    Enbridge were installing a replacement gas service outside the Metro grocery store at 92 Front St E about a month ago. Their utility cut is VERY poorly done and is a trip hazard. Can the City get them back to fix it>
  • 365 Bay St Toronto, ON M5H 2V1, Canada - Toronto
    There are TWO areas of "sunken sidewalk" on north sidewalk of Temperance Street just east of Bay Street. At least, they need orange cones but better to fill them in. Looks like a truck was on sidewalk and it sank. Pedestrain trip hazard
  • 85 Lombard St Toronto, ON M5C 1M2, Canada - Toronto
    Pothole (utility cut!) on SOUTH SIDEWALK - opposite 110 Adelaide St E. There is a dangerous square hole on south sidewalk - made by saw cuts. It is about 2 onches deep and a real trip hazard. Totally unfilled with asphalt. Can someone "do something"? Thanks
  • 10 Morse St Toronto, ON M4M 2P7, Canada - Toronto
    There is a pothole on MORSE STREET just where it meets Lake Shore Blvd and the cycle track (north side). This pothole appears every year and, after a complaint, it is fixed. IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED PROPERLY so that it does not simply come back the next year.
  • 440 Unwin Ave Toronto, ON M4M 3M9, Canada - Toronto
    There are two areas on MARTIN GOODMAN TRAIL needing repair/repaving. Both are east of Regatta Road and south of Unwin Ave. One is to put asphalt on a (2017) repair which was left as loose gravel and the other is to replace a LARGE sink-hole on trail just south of Hearne.
  • 315 Unwin Avenue Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The crash barrier/guard rail on UNWIN AVENUE at entrance to 475 Unwin has been damaged and it is probably not effective. It needs to be inspected and, probably, replaced.
  • 1025 Lake Shore Blvd E Toronto, ON M4M 1B4, Canada - Toronto
    This is DANGEROUS. Broken concrete around streetcar tracks on Leslie Street.
    This is fairly new track so I hope TTC and City will go after contractor, it's really quite unsafe.
  • 1 Leslie Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There is lots of loose concrete beside the streetcar tracks on LESLIE STREET just north of Commissioners St. It should be fixed by City (or TTC?)
  • 25 The Esplanade 25 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5E 1W5, Canada - Toronto
    There are several unused (and blank) ROAD SIGNS and POLES on the north sidewalk of The Esplanade just west of Scott Street. They have been there for months and should be removed.
  • 351 King St E Toronto, ON M5G 0L6, Canada - Toronto
    The sidewalk at NORTH-WEST corner of Front St E and Berkeley is mess. There is an old wooden pole and lots of asphalt patches. It's time the City installed the proper streetlight and traffic light pole and fixed the sidewalk.
  • 180 King St E Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Dangerous pothole beside streetcar track. King St East going WEST from Frederick Street - westbound. TRIP HAZARD.
  • 1129 Bloor St W Toronto, ON M6H 1M7, Canada - Toronto
    Several medium and large potholes in the southbound curb lane of Dufferin St, between Bloor St. W. and Croatia St. Very dangerous while riding a bicycle.
  • 254 Church Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There is a large hole on CHURCH STREET beside the TTC tracks just south of Dundas Street East. It needs to be filled in. Please!
  • 12 Roncesvalles Avenue Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Not sure if this counts as pothole damage BUT there is a LOOSE manhole cover in the streetcar track ROW just where King/Queen/Roncesvalles meet - at the south/west bound streetcar stop. It is VERY noisy. Can someone (City? TTC?) fix it?
  • 52 Church St Toronto, ON M5C 3C8, Canada - Toronto
    There is a section of damaged concrete adjacent to the westbound streetcar tracks about 10 meters east of Church Street. Can it please be properly repaired?
    110 King St E Toronto, Ontario
  • 10 King East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There is a DANGEROUS area of broken concrete adjacent to the westbound streetcar tracks about 20 meters east of Yonge. It needs to be fixed