Medford, MA Neighbor

  • Victory Park - Medford
    Kids will get hurt on soccer fields
  • Holes Open
    Victory Park - Medford
    Youth soccer is playing this weekend and the fields are unsafe. Need to fill holes in with dirt
  • 98 Jerome St Medford, MA 02155, USA - Medford

    someone has put up cones blocking multiple parking spaces.

    the last request was closed saying there is construction.

    there is no construction here. these were put out by Pat Kierce Landscaping who is not doing any work nearby.

    they don't have any right to control or limit public parking in the neighborhood.

    please address this situation properly.

  • 26 Bradlee Road Medford, Massachusetts, 02155 - Medford
    Loud construction began at 6am. Excessive noise disrupting the entire neighborhood.
  • 12-38 Salem St Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford

    Can the City please consider painting a crosswalk in front of El Tacuba? This is a popular spot and there are frequent people crossing the street directly in front of 35 Salem St.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • 22 Bradlee Road Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    Construction company started using loud heavy equipment and dragging giant metal waste bin with semi truck at 6 AM
  • 987 Fellsway Medford, Massachusetts, 02155 - Medford
    Fire hydrant was involved in an accident and is now not usable. It has been this way for a while and It’s very important that it be fixed for safety reasons
  • Burget Ave Medford, Massachusetts, 02155 - Medford
    Non-resident and maybe unstickered parker, parking on resident only street.
  • 18 Cherry Street Medford, Massachusetts, 02155 - Medford
    No permit or visitors pass
  • 26 Grover Road Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    Following up on tickets 16093521 from 2/21/24 and prematurely closed on 2/28/24, ticket 161340174 and ticket 16214347. This has been reported for almost 2 months and has been going on for a lot longer than that. This resident continues to ignore Medford ordnance that trash barrels should not be curbside prior to 5pm on the day before trash day. This is a specific issue for multiple reasons including the barrels blocking part of the street at times as well as extreme rodent activity from the nearby construction project that has caused neighbors wires to be eaten. Having reported this for almost 2 months, timely enforcement would be great.
  • 121 Boston Ave Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Open base of crosswalk pole exposing electrical wires, which could pose a safety hazard
  • 289 Elm Street Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    Small dog barking constantly. Barking after midnight for over 30 minutes. Believe it’s the family twinfloors directly above us on third floor in corner apartment
  • Rats Open
    Roosevelt Rd Medford, Massachusetts, 02155 - Medford
    A lot of rats in this area recently
  • Medford Fire Department Station 5 - Medford
    Blue bikes rack wegmans shopping cart south Medford
  • Pothole Open
    Tufts Pool Medford Community Pool - Medford
    Big potholes in front of tufts park and tufts pool in middle of street
  • 45 Thatcher St Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Car driven wrong way on Thatcher St and parked
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    58 Hastings Lane Medford, Massachusetts, 02155 - Medford
    Large deep
    Pothole and two
    Smaller ones
  • Pothole Closed
    97 Saunders St Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Multiple pot holes
  • Pothole Closed
    143 Saunders St Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Multiple pot holes.
  • 99 Jerome St Medford, MA 02155, USA - Medford
    someone has blocked about 4 parking spaces with cones so people can't park there