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  • 1113-1199 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd Saline, MI 48176, USA - Saline
    There are numerous huge pot holes on NB Saline-Milan Rd between Milkey and Willis. I’ve personally seen 6 cars now get flat tires as a result.
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    Saline Milan Road Saline, Michigan - Saline
    HUGE pot hole (3 feet by 4 feet) on southbound lane. Multiple cars swerving and accidents may occur.
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    282 Nichols Drive Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Water isn't running clear. It appears a little brown. Is it safe to use? (2/19/18 in the evening)
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    290 Monroe Street Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Why is the road so bad right here? It’s just a small area that was left unrepaired.
  • Michigan Ave And Austin Rd Saline, Michigan - Saline

    The traffic light at the location is no longer flashing at night like it is supposed to be.

    Saline Police Department

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    674 West Michigan Avenue Saline, Michigan - Saline
    The end section of the guard rail is sheered off and bent back just west of the river/dam.
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    Sycamore Run & Woodland Dr Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Street light not working. Issue was reported twice previously - last time being Oct. 25. This is a double light located in the island at the entrance to the Wildwood subdivision. It is the eastern-most lamp. The number on the pole is S10A0975. It is very hard to see the entrance to Sycamore Run at night with this lamp out.
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    Between N. Maple And Textile Road Saline, Michigan - Saline
    The traffic light between N Maple and Textile road in Saline changes too fast in early morning hours. Sometimes the green light is probably less than 5 seconds and only allows couple of cars to pass. It poses risks to cars making left turns.
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    Woodland Drive & Sycamore Run Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Street light is out at the intersection of Sycamore Run and Woodlawn Dr. Was previously reported. We were to report again if it was not fixed by Oct. 25. It is still not fixed.
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    Woodland Dr E And Sycamore Run Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Street lamp out at intersection of Woodland Drive East and Sycamore Run
  • 1276 Colony Drive Saline, Michigan - Saline
    a street light is out near this address
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    94o Wiltshire Ct Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Our water is brown.
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    839 Berkshire Dr. Saline, Michigan - Saline
    My water is brown.
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    109 Russell Saline, Michigan - Saline
    street out light at 109/111 Russell St.