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  • 7700 E Michigan Ave Saline, Michigan - Saline
    The amount of trash and litter that the workers of that plant leave on the ground in the parking lot needs to be addressed. There is a lack of respect for the surrounding area and is something that the company should be held responsible for. If they don't want to address it by having someone clean it up daily, then the City should clean it and bill them every single time until they do it themselves. One of the first signs of a depressed area is the lack of cleanliness. As you come into downtown Saline from the East, it is one of the first things you see.....trash everywhere. Entire containers of food, whole bags of trash, etc. just left on the ground in the parking lot. The fact that employees of that plant think that it is oaky amazes me. It also tells me that they don't live in this area, so they don't care. Furthermore, the company allowing it to go on day after day is even more unbelievable and pressure needs to be applied for them to correct the situation.
  • Saline-Waterworks & Heritage Saline, Michigan - Saline
    street light out at corner of Heritage and Saline-Waterworks
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    730 Berkshire Dr. Saline, Michigan - Saline
    There was no recycling pick up in the Northview subdivision this week.
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    108 E Henry #811 Saline, MI - Saline
    Recycling not picked up.
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    274 Nichols Dr. Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Water in basement on Friday, Nov. 2. The water was clean, not sewage. Did the storm sytem back up into my basement due to recent rains & possible blockage?
  • 505 Eastlook Dr. Saline, Michigan - Saline

    We have called WM for 3 separate large brush pickups on our property. They have missed their pickup dates 3 times, leaving us with tree limbs on our curb too long that is an eyesore and has killed our grass. Please let me know what I can do to make this service effective.

    These are directions we followed:
    ADVANCE CALL REQUIRED. Call WM in advance at 866-797-9018 to schedule curbside collection of large brush defined as brush generated by non-commercial removal, greater than 4 feet but less than 8 feet in length and not greater than 6 inches in diameter."

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    356 Woodland Drive West Saline, Michigan - Saline
    The section of roadway from Colony to Ann Arbor Saline has numerous potholes that we'd like to have filled please.
  • 555 N. Maple Rd. Saline, Michigan - Saline
    there is a large crack and sunken piece of sidewalk between the library entrance and Thibault lane along maple. This is a potential toe catch.
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    382 Saline River Drive Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Low water pressure in our neighborhood
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    369 Pembroke Dr saline, Michigan - Saline
    no water (again). 369 pembroke dr
  • 1802 Wildwood Trail Saline, Michigan - Saline
    No water or water pressure
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    607 Woodcreek Cor Saline, Michigan - Saline
    We have large number of small gold colored plastic balls in out cold water supply lines. We noticed it when it plugged the cold water filter on the washing machine this am. Upon examining the cold water inlet, we noticed it was completely plugged with what appears to be extremely small gold plastic spheres. When we turned on the kitchen sink cold water, it also contained dirty water and some of the gold spheres before plugging up the filter screen on faucet. A sample of this in attached pic.
  • 790 Lambkins Saline, Michigan - Saline

    Gravel pile still sitting in front yard ( 5/18/18). Been nice weather to complete this project. All week was nice!

    You said: CLOSED Gary Scheske (Verified Official)
    homeowner has building permit, work delayed by weather. Project to resume and complete next week.

    That was 5/7/18 and its now 5/18/18. Are you going to do your job? OR keep giving extension after extension like you do with all of your enforcements. Wasting taxpayer money to just drive around and do nothing

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    410 N Ann Arbor St Saline, Michigan - Saline
    No Water!
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    323 Spring St Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Very low water pressure. Only a trickle of water from all taps in the house.
  • 3064 Wildwood Ct Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Water not working throughout the house.
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    1408 Wildwood Trl Saline, Michigan - Saline
    No water throughout house
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    250 South Industrial Drive Saline, Michigan - Saline
    no water
  • 176 Wallace Drive Saline, Michigan - Saline
    6:00am no water. Yet our water meter is still running. How can our meter still be running if we have no water? I should received a credit. If people see this check your water meter. The meter is running slow, but we are still being charged for it.
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    317 N Lewis St Saline, Michigan - Saline
    No water/water pressure in entire house