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  • Chestnut Street Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    The chestnut street road is in bad condition, the section parallel the commuter rail tracks.
    I'm one of the many drivers who drive every day to the Sharon station.
    I called several times to Department of Works reported the issue.
    We damage our cars. Also it's very dangerous situation.
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    Massapoag Ave lakeview st, Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    hello, when coming from Easton toward sharon using Massapoag ave, there's 2 signs pointing a junction coming soon ( Lakeview ), sign points straight and right ( 2 signs , one after the other), in real life the junction is straight and left
  • 189 Old Post Rd Sharon, MA - Town of Sharon
    Between 100 S Walpole and Pine st and the first 50 feet of Old Post Rd off of S Walpole you cannot walk more than 4 or 5 feet without stepping on trash. The side of road along S. Walpole and at the intersection of Old Post Rd is littered with trash (mostly beer bottles/cars and Dunkin Donut coffee cups. People throw their cups out the window or have morning coffee on Old Post and drop their trash on the side of the road. In the past few months a set of speakers were dumped which I placed in my trash and even a large hamster cage which someone else took care of.
  • 63 Ashcroft Road Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    My neighbor and I are very concerned about the amount and thickness of the ice that is forming on the road. Hopefully it will go away this weekend with the rain, but there seems to be a drainage problem that has created this very dangerous situation.
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    55 E Foxboro St Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    Brown water
    12/7 10 :00am
  • Main Street Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    Sidewalks on Main Street approaching Heights Elementary were not cleared before school. Kids either had to walk in the snow, or in the street. Neither option is safe. Anyone in a wheelchair would be unable to manage the sidewalks
  • Franklin Rd And Massapoag Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    The street drains are clear but street is flooded.
  • 780 S Main St Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
  • Sharon Train Station Parking Lot Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    Train station parking lot
  • 75 Morse St Sharon, MA - Town of Sharon
    There is a manhole cover covering a basin (I think) - I heard the town put it in several years ago in my driveway prior to my family moving in. There is EXTENSIVE water flowing out of the hole and down the street - 781 784 7770
  • Potholes Archived
    14 Foundry Road Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    There is a few inches deep pothole that I am very concerned someone is going to trip on while out trick or treating this evening. Can it please be fixed today?
  • Gabriel Road Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    At the intersection of Main Street and Gabriel Road - there is no street light (or not working) and walking around the often flooded corner is treacherous - as is driving into Gabriel Road from Main Street.
  • 27 Margaret Road Sharon, MA - Town of Sharon
    During recent paving/recurbing on Margaret and Williams Rd. 27 Margaret (the curb on Williams Rd) has not been backfiled with loam and large chunks of asphalt are still on the lawn.
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    630 South Main Street Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    increased traffic on south main st. causes dangerous situations taking a left turn from mitchell st. Please put a warning light at the intersection so that travellers on s. main st. are aware that there are people trying to get out of mitchell st.
  • 46 MORSE ST, None, SHARON, MA - Town of Sharon

    There are 2 dead trees in town property line in front of 46 Morse st property. I have called the town several times since last year to get those removed to avoid falling of branch on the vehicles.

    The concern has got left unheard since last year. Yesterday a huge branch fell off in my yard. Luckily no one is hurt but there are still huge branches in these trees which can fall off and cause serious harm to walkers, motorists and residents.

    Please attend this on priority basis and reach out to me if you have any questions. My cell phone number is 781-927-9614.

    -Pratyush Shukla
    Resident of 46 morse st.

  • 24 Meadow Road Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    Sand and gravel from the road washes over to my driveway
  • Street Lights Archived
    Deborah Sampson Park Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    Flood lights facing flag football/ community garden side needs replacing
  • 23 Gannett Terrace Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    We are having difficulty parking in front of our house parking garage as there are many utility vehicles parked in front of our house. Today there is a big truck parked in front which will make very difficult for us to turn in our parking lot. Also long weekend is almost here and we are expecting our relatives and it will be a problem to park their vehicles. Please let the utility folks be mindful and park away from our house soon.
  • 81 Oak Hill Dr. Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    There is a town drainage pipe that drains water from conservation land behind our home. In the last 5 years we have been living , I don’t think the pipe has been cleaned or checked. My last home owner mentioned that they had water overflow long time back (from the pipe being clogged). Hence concerning that given the amount of rain this year it may happen again . Can you please have this inspected or cleaned.
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    45 Aspen Road Sharon, MA - Town of Sharon
    water shut off on sidewalk open