Rank: Heman Civic Points: 6,220
  • Pothole Open
    8613 Cresthill Ave Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County
    Large missing section of asphalt directly in front of my driveway. This is a hazard to children bicycling on the road as well as causing our cars wheels to be caught when back out of or entering our drive.
  • 146 Sugar Mill Circle Savannah, Georgia - Georgetown
    There was a pot hole repaired in front of the storm drain a while ago. Some asphalt was dug up and replaced. The dug up asphalt was left piled on top of the storm drain and there it sits
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    102 South Brompton Court Savannah, Georgia - Wilmington Island
    For more than 2 years a pot hole has been growing on my street. Numerous times people have come to look at it but done nothing. One day a man in your truck took a 30 minute nap in front of my house after looking at the pot hole. When will this be fixed? We have to drive around it.
  • 3 E 45th St Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
    Sweet gum tree right in front of property near curb dropping branches on sidewalk, street, car, people, yard. Believe the tree is dead and infested with termites. Please consider removal. Thank you in advance!
  • 107 Dombey Court Savannah, Georgia - Wilmington Island
    We place trash at the curb Thursday June 28th for the scheduled pick up on Friday June 29th. The pick up never happened. When will it be removed from the road?
  • 1331 Grace Drive Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County
    When it rains the water does not drain properly into the sewer. It builds up in front of 1331 Grace Drive in the gutter, which makes it hard to get to the mail box.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    166 Aquinnah Dr POOLER, Georgia - Pooler
    there are two potholes on west tisbury lane , when you first turn on that street
  • Tree Maintenance Acknowledged
    140 Summer Winds Drive Savannah, Georgia - Whitemarsh Island
    tree damaged during previous hurricanes fell down and leftovers are infested with termites. Tree is behind the house in county drainage area. Tree and fallen limbs need to be removed.
  • Pothole Archived
    135 Burton Rd Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County
    Large jagged pothole near double black mailboxes at 135/141 Burton Rd. Shoe adult size 9 is for reference. Thanks!
  • 205 Cherry Laurel Lane Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County
  • 324 Wild Heron Rd Savannah, Georgia - Georgetown
    Please replace burned out street light at 324 Wild Heron Road
  • Sign - Repair Acknowledged
    1330 Pine Ridge Dr Savannah, Georgia - Montgomery
    Street label sign was knocked off of top of stop sign. Does not appear to be damaged, just needs to be re-mounted
  • Ditch Maintenance Acknowledged
    11 Morningside Court Savannah, Georgia - Wilmington Island
    I have requested maintenance on the roadside ditch that is supposed to drain the entrance to Morningside Court several times over the past 5 years. No one has ever responded. The issue is dirt and grass buildup in the ditch that connects the entrance to the outfall pipe in Sweet Bailey Cove. Bill Lynes 912-508-2002
  • Mosquito Hole Acknowledged
    129 Quail Ave Savannah, Georgia - Grove Hill
    The Cul-De Sac at the end of Quail Ave has large Pot Hole and Collecting water. This is now Breeding Mosquitoes in the AREA. Please fill in the Hole with Rock or Concrete the cycle. This is the ONLY Cycle in the Neighborhood Not Cemented Fully.
  • 300 Johnny Mercer Savannah, Georgia - Wilmington Island
    traffic light at intersection does not seem to have working sensors for traffic. specifically on the wilmington way portion of the intersection.
  • 415 Dyches Drive Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
    the bushes on the corner are so high you cant see the cars coming down Dyches from the stop sign on Lorwood. its a very dangerous intersaction until this issue is resolved.
  • Dead Animal Acknowledged
    9 Bryan Wood Cir Savannah, Georgia - Whitemarsh Island
    We have a deer behind our fence in the alley way.
    It’s starting to stink really bad could you send somebody.
  • Sign - Repair Archived
    Ogeechee Road Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County
    Downed road sign. Pole sign with highway and road numbers. Ogeechee Road/Hwy 17 at base of 516 N exit ramp.
  • 3 E 45th Street Savannah, Georgia - Savannah

    Hi, I have a Sweet Gum tree curbside in front of my property that over the last year has had active pest (ant or termite) and a lump that has grown at the base and is continuing to get larger over time. The tree has had several branches fall during rain and afterward (on myself while mowing or getting in my car as well as just littering the lawn), the pieces have looked dead and rotten as they break apart into crumbles and have insects within. I'm afraid it will eventually fall on my windshield or truck, or worse on me or my neighbors house, power line if not removed. Please let me know if someone can come out to inspect it. I appreciate your help!

    Nichole Madison

  • Pothole Archived
    146-148 Sugar Mill Circle Savannah, Georgia - Georgetown
    This pothole has been repaired at least 4 times and again needs repair. Getting larger by the day