Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 108,970
  • 36 Shunpike Road Summit, NJ - Summit
    trash not picked up at 36 Shunpike Rd. Please pick up.
  • Roads Open
    16 Club Drive Summit, NJ - Summit
    Road at 16 Club Dr wasn't treated with salt today. Please treat the road.
  • Roads Open
    Dale Drive Summit, NJ - Summit
    Dale Dr. not salted today. Please send salt truck in preparation for the storm.
  • Tree(s) Open
    28 Broad Street Summit, NJ - Summit
    Request that the tree in front of 28 Broad St be pruned.
  • 548 Springfield Avenue Summit, NJ - Summit
    Resident reports recycling was not collected
  • Roads Open
    33 Eggers Court Summit, NJ - Summit
    Christmas tree on street, please pick up.
  • 304 Springfield Avenue Summit, NJ - Summit
    co-mingled items not picked up
  • 9 Caldwell Avenue Summit, NJ - Summit
    Resident reported garbage was not collected
  • 12 Harvey Drive Summit, NJ - Summit
    Plastic recycling not picked up at 12 Harvey Dr. even though the neighbors has been. It seems that they put more plastic into my can.
  • Roads Closed
    112 Mountain Avenue Summit, NJ - Summit
    PD requests - Salting needed between 112 Mountain Ave & 118 Mountain Ave. due to ice conditions.
  • Roads Closed
    40 Clark Street Summit, NJ - Summit
    Salting needed due to icy conditions on road in front of 40 Clark St.
  • 80 River Road Summit, NJ - Summit
    Only some of the plastic recycling was picked up today at 80 River Rd. Last week they didn't get the plastic at all. Please come back and get the rest.
  • Roads Closed
    16 Club Drive Summit, NJ - Summit
    Resident reports road covered in ice, needs salting and sanding.
  • Sewer Closed
    155 Summit Avenue Summit, NJ - Summit
    Sewer Odor
  • Tree(s) Open
    154 Colonial Road Summit, NJ - Summit
    Tree was cut down by City at 154 Colonial Rd. Request stump removal.
  • 10 Little Wolf Road Summit, NJ - Summit
    Please salt the ice build up in area of 10 Little Wolf. Thank you.
  • Roads Closed
    Summit NJ - Summit
    PD - Christmas tree in middle of road at Whitesell Ct & Springfield Ave. Please pick up.
  • Roads Closed
    18 Oxbow Lane Summit, NJ - Summit
    Resident reports two issues (1) ice in roadway at driveway requires additional de-icing, (2) a deep pot hole on the street could use some gravel to lessen depth until it can be patched/repaired
  • 53 Blackburn Place Summit, NJ - Summit
    Trash missed at 53 Blackburn Place.
  • 85 Blackburn Place Summit, NJ - Summit
    Trash not picked up at 85 Blackburn Place.