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  • Noise オープン
    28804 Gratiot Ave Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Thought this issue was fixed. WalMart parking lot vacuum truck woke me up at 5am today. Sounds like air raid siren. Went on for approx 1 hour. They had a quieter truck and now back to this monstrosity.
  • Graffiti オープン
    18540 Frazho Rd Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Huron Park skateboard rink. Gang graffiti sprayed on bench at this rink.
  • Street Sign Missing オープン
    Carl St & Church St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    This pole was broken off at ground level. The green signs for Church Street and Carl Street are laying next to the fire hydrant. Someone nailed the Stop sign on the utility pole across Carl Street, but nobody's stopping. This photo is from Google Maps and shows the pole and signs before knocked down. Thanks for your help in replacing these.
  • 28631 Gratiot Ave Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    No Handicapped parking spot in their lot.
  • 26280 Koontz St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    The dogs get out all the time. They do not have tags and I’m tired of calling about it. I don’t think these dogs are registered because they sell and get new dogs all the time. I never see the same dogs at this house. I was told that they are or were selling puppies.
  • Indigo St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    When walking dog at night, number of cars consistently parked across sidewalk. Dangerous and illegal.
  • Police Traffic Concern クローズド
    Tighe St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    How can you close a traffic concern about the black pickup truck and motor cycle that run stop sign at meier and tighe and speeds about 40 down street. He from the house at 27848 tighe .
  • Rat infestation ADIは、
    25673 Send St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Neighbor has an apple tree. The apples are falling from the tree and she doesn't pick them up. Rats are getting the apples and running into my yard, and going under the stoop at my back door
  • Frazho Rd & Hayes Rd Warren, MI, 48089, USA - Roseville
    Traffic signal facing south on Hayes is out
  • City Of Roseville MI, USA - Roseville
    I was at just at the light on the service drive coming off Grosbeak, sitting at the red light going straight on Hayes While at light 2 car both turn left on a red light onto service drive. I see this a lot.
  • 19710-19899 Jerome St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Drug dealers operating through the afternoon and nite in the parking lot. On foot and in vehicles.
  • Horn Archived
    25501-25699 Dodge St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Does anyone else hear what sounds like a malfunctioning horn in the middle of the night?
  • 26001-26039 Ronald St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    There is a truck ( pickup) for sale on the corner of Ronald and Frazho up someone's drive that is on Frazho. When you drive up to the corner, looking towards Kelly CANNOT see other vehicles coming towards you going West towards Gratiot. I have almost been HIT several times because the LINE OF SIGHT is blocked by this for-sale truck. Can anything be done ? I am avoiding this corner and going other ways till this is taken care of !!! Please help !!!
  • Tighe St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    27848 Tighe a black pickup truck never stop at stop sign goes about 40mph down street and he's truck is so loud. also does it when driving he's motor cycle. he just flies around corners still happen people run stop sign at Meier and tighe
  • Animal waste オープン
    Florence St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    My neighbor behind me at 18777 rock st. Has or been feeding cats about 10 or more cats..they run the neighborhood S*** in our yards in tired of chasing them out of my yard they’re nasty my dogs roll it the cat S*** I see the home owner feeding them something has to be done I know another neighbor Has emailed and called about this issue and nothing gets done about if the neighbors come together and do something about it we will get in Trouble please help it’s really getting out of hand the whole house is nasty and they deserve to get tickets or fines or whatever ...
  • 17405 Tennyson St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    NOT A HOUSE. There is a milk crate nailed to the utility pole on the corner of Tennyson and Maple. This is a traffic concern when people are playing basketball on this very busy corner. Also brings down property value.
  • Park Issue オープン
    15000 Petrie St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
  • Park Issue Archived
    15000 Petrie St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Parking over sidewalk/ always parking so close to corner it causes traffic backups daily. Can we get a "no parking here to corner" sign put up or somthing.. both sides of rode. Petrie is a busy cut through street and their is almoat always an issue trying to turn because they block cars trying to turn off hayes
  • 26511 Lehner St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    The residence have the yard full of clutter that is causing rats to thrive. They have a collapsed above ground pool holding stagnat water, a make shift structure behind their garage holding junk, an awning built on the back of their house that clearly isn't up to code, and a privacy fence tied to the already standing fence with wire, part of witch is just plywood. Not only is this property an eyesore, it's also giving rats a place to thrive.
  • 25705 Waldorf St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Waldorf between Church and Frazho is a mess. The whole street needs to be repaired. When is this going to be fixed? Shouldn't everyone on the block get a reimbursement for the extra wear and tear for their shocks, suspension, tires, etc on their vehicle?